10 Advantages of Using Business Cards for Your Business

The pandemic made the online forms of many activities mainstream in our daily lives, from learning to shopping to payments. In the professional arena, we saw business cards being replaced by their digital equivalent. Many thought that technology will continue to drive these activities even with the ebbing of the pandemic. But surprisingly, we are seeing the slow comeback of physical forms on many fronts. Are business cards also making their way back into the professional world?

The jump in the volume of business card printing points to a resurgence in the use of physical visiting cards. Why are business people going back to handing out business cards at expos and meetings? Let us explore a few compelling reasons to get onto this trend.

Why Should You Use Business Cards for Your Business?

In the age of QR codes, online handles, and LinkedIn, business cards are reclaiming their space in the professional world due to following reasons:

Fastest way to introduce yourself

The immediacy of a visiting card makes it very appealing as a form of introduction. When you hand over your card to someone, they immediately get a snapshot of important details like your full name, designation, website, and social media handles.

Fastest way to make an impression

The moment you hand your business card to a customer or business associate they will form an impression about your brand. The card serves as the fastest way to convey the feel of your brand and make an impact. It does not require the person to open their phone or laptop and visit your website or social media pages. The small card gives you the first immediate visibility to your customer or client.

One more way to market your brand

Brands put in a lot of effort to acquire customers. They adopt many channels for marketing – so why leave out business cards? A well-designed card that reflects the idea of your brand can not only be a way of exchanging contact information but can also do the job of promoting your brand.

For instance, a yoga studio in Canada designed its name cards as tiny yoga mats which could even be rolled like regular mats. What a fantastic idea to promote the brand!


Of all marketing methods, business card printing is one of the most affordable. You can carry and use these handy marketing tools everywhere without burning a hole in your pocket. Even new technologies like digital printing are available at reasonable rates, especially if ordered in larger volumes.

Sense of belonging for employees

This is a very important advantage of business cards. It is a matter of pride for every employee to see their name card in the brand colors and to hand these out to people as a representative of the business. This fosters a feeling of community and ownership amongst the employees.

Tangible physical form

One thing that the pandemic has brought into sharp focus is the value of touch. The tangibility that the physical card gives helps the human mind to form associations. They can hold the card, turn it around, see the brand colors, and read the information. All this builds a memory of the brand in the mind which helps in recall later.

Business cards for your Business

Physical reminder of your business

Carrying the earlier point forward, visiting cards also serve as a physical reminder of your brand. According to a survey, 12% of business cards that get handed out get retained beyond a week. This may seem like a small number but when compared to the average website conversion rate, which is just over 2%, this number does seem significant.

Free from technology

With all the hi-tech devices that surround us, it is quite pleasant to give and receive a card that does not need Wi-Fi or the latest technology. We can’t discount the fact that there are people who choose not to own a smartphone. Or that there are places where the internet connection could be patchy. Physical visiting cards circumvent all these issues.

Still expected in many parts of the world

It is an interesting fact that in certain cultures the exchange of business cards is part of basic business etiquette. In this age where businesses are not restricted by geography, it is important to be aware of these cultural nuances. So, better to carry a few name cards in your pocket than be caught without one in such situations.

New technology for printing

While the physical nature of business cards has a lot of advantages, we shouldn’t ignore the new technologies available for printing them. 72% of people surveyed said they judge a brand by the business card they receive. So, your card must be of good quality, creative, and unique. With the many options available for materials and advanced digital printing technologies, you can design business cards that truly stand out.

In a Nutshell

Business cards are making a comeback and are complementing digital forms of introduction and marketing. A creative and well-designed visiting card can be a great tool to market your brand. Make sure to get your business cards designed and printed by an experienced team.

At Implant Media we understand the power of having a smart and high-quality business card. Our team has the expertise to understand your needs and design a card to exactly fit your expectations. We offer a range of stocks and finishes suited to your budget. Our short turnaround time ensures that you are not left waiting for the business cards. We are known for our high-quality printing at reasonable rates. Call Us Now to get a free sample.

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