10 Best Educational Apps for Students for 2022

The recent advent of technological progression and the increased usage of its tools and devices in every respect of human life has changed the way of many conventional activities that were done manually before and now have been shifted to mechanization.

Not only the factories and businesses but education is also not left behind in the adaption of technological advancements which is a good modification with educational apps. 

Nowadays, after the emergence of artificial intelligence and other advanced technology, students learn and perform almost all of their education-related activities online. This has managed to be beneficial for different paced students who had variations in performing the class activities than the other students. Therefore, technology has played a major role in modernizing and upgrading the standards of education. (TheDisserttaionHelp, n.d.)

How do online applications make education easy?

These days, it has become so convenient for students to get high quality and pocket-friendly online services like dissertation service UK that they don’t have to worry about their deadlines and content anymore and can easily manage their struggles by having well-articulated and effective college or university projects including the most competitive and difficult assignments like the dissertations. 

This online facility enables the students to efficiently utilization their lime and the usage of technology that whatever services they are receiving becomes a satisfaction for their professors and institutes by providing them with the best assignments and projects with quality work.

What are the best educational apps available for the students?

As mentioned above, online educational facilities have made lives easier for students around the globe, whether it is finding the best literature review help services that the students are looking for, keeping a record of their study sessions, or even seeking discounts to help them maintain their budget each month. This online academic application comes with a detailed and comprehensive list of services that they offer. 

Following are some of the best available resources that the students can take help from;

Help with Dissertation 

It is one of the most competitive websites available for students to help them with their complex assignments, especially dissertations. This website has been specifically designed as an application for the students, helping them to understand the requirement and dissertation writing in an easier non-complex manner. 

The website also allows the students with other facilities like

  • take pictures of documents 
  • whiteboards and blackboards 
  • journals 
  • PDF documents of significant research papers related to their topic or field of study. 

Not only this, the document that the students receive of their work is an editable and shareable document where they can doodle on, highlight, or post a comment and share with others. (HelpWithDissertation, n.d.)


Motion is designed especially for university students who have much of their studies conducted on electronic devices like computers and laptops. Upon survey it was gathered that most of the student time is spent online, browsing for suitable and credible academic websites. 

However, often it happens that the students get distracted by the notifications coming from different social and entertainment apps that restrain them from focusing on their studies and thus, affecting their grades.

That is why Motion was created. It is a free web browser application that will block distracting sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, removing the notification automatically during the times when the students are studying. 

It is a customizable application allowing the students to block certain websites or apps that disturbs them the most onset times and days and spend that time doing something productive instead of just scrolling on social sites. (OxfordSummerCourse, n.d.)

Google Drive

Google Drive is a renowned app that is famous all over the globe. It is a cloud-based storage solution and undoubtedly one of the best applications for students’ storage that is currently available in the market. 

Google Drive allows its users to save and store all of their documents online and later access them from any other electronic device like a smartphone, tablet or computer.  

Such applications like a cloud storage service like Google Drive has abundant advantages for students, such as;

  • Eliminating the risk of their computer crashing and losing all their work. 
  • Accessing their work from anywhere easily 
  • Hassle-free sharing with other 
  • Top-notch security for the content

Google Drive has the capacity to store up to 15GB of files for free, including notes, images, PDFs, audio and video files. Also, the drive automatically saves the files so the user never has to worry about losing their work even if their system crashes. 

Oxford English Dictionary 

Students are now fed up with carrying heavy books around them all the time. Be it school, college, or university the load on the shoulders is never promising. That is why there was a need to create something that would lessen the burden on their shoulders. And make their lives convenient at the same time.

With this vision in mind, an online Oxford English Dictionary application was created. So that students can make the most out of the prevailing technology. 

Oxford English Dictionary consists of more than 150 years of research behind it for making the final product. However, eventually, the Oxford Dictionary of English is now recognized as the highest specialist in the study. And reference of the English language – and an essential tool for all academics. 

The dictionary mobile application contains more than 350,000 words, phrases and meanings. As well as over 75,000 audio pronunciations of some of the most difficult-to-pronounce words that there are. The application also allows the users to enhance and expand their vocabulary by making them learn a new word each day.

These are some of the most important applications listed above that every student irrespective of their level of study must have on their phones and computers to have them have an easy academic life. 

Other applications that also provide usefully and helping hands are:

  • HOMER Learning
  • Quizlet
  • Epic!
  • Starfall
  • Duolingo
  • codeSpark


Educational applications have become a must now for every student because of the fact that it promotes self-study. It does not require a physical presence in the class. Teachers to be present all time, a good building, power, running water. All it requires is a smartphone and access to the internet.

With these two factors intact, students can easily ace all their assignments and school projects very easily


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