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10 Best places To Visit in Jaipur at Night

Jaipur is an ancient city with forts and palaces. Beautiful monuments are what we usually think of when we think about Jaipur. Although we imagine Jaipur as a city of heritage we don’t think about the nightlife. You might be surprised to find out that Jaipur’s nightlife is as vibrant as the other tourist attractions. Should you ever be in Jaipur and are able to spare a few hours to spare, think about visiting one of the nightclubs in Jaipur.

1- Nahargarh Fort

The spectacular sunset scene of the sunset from Nahargarh Fort is a must-see for those planning to stay the evening in Jaipur. At 5 pm the fort will close. But, you are able to go to the fort and enjoy the traditional Rajasthani food in the Padao Restaurant. It is possible to ride your bicycle to the fort.

2- Amer Fort

Maan Singh built this impressive structure in the 16th century. Maan Singh was a respected general under the reign of Akbar. While Amber Fort is bustling with visitors during the day, however, it’s entirely different in the evening. The fort is a stunning scene at dawn. At night the main event is a 50-minute music and lighting display. If it is a full moon night and a Kathak show at Diwan-e-Khaas is the ideal moment to go and visit Fort.

3- Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani is an absolute must-see while in Jaipur.& Best cafes in Jaipur  The resort gives visitors an opportunity to experience the Rajasthani culture. There is music, dance show, puppets, imitation and adventure sports as well as outdoor games. You can get any Rajasthani food there. After 5.30 pm the place is available. Chokhi Dhani is a popular destination for tourists to go to Jaipur in the evening.

4- Jal mahal

The stunning Jal Mahal floating on Man Sagar Lake You can walk along the lake’s shores in the evening and enjoy the romantic scene of sparkling lights and reflections of the lake. Jal Mahal is a peaceful romantic spot to visit in Jaipur. While you aren’t able to enter Jaipur’s Jal Mahal, visitors can admire its stunning view for all the time you’d want to.

5- Watch Movie at Raj Mandir Cinema

Raj Mandir Theatre is Asia’s largest theatre, and also the longest-running theatre within the region. The theatre has shown films for over four years. Raj Mandir Cinema boasts intricate carvings inside and outside. It resembles an elegant palace thanks to its massive chandeliers and stunning illumination in the foyer. Raj Mandir Cinema offers an evening show that will give you a royal experience.

Pubs and Bar in Jaipur

Tourism things to do that take place in Jaipur include frequent trips to nightclubs, bars, and pubs. After a day of exploring the many attractions in Jaipur, these are the most sought-after places that tourists are drawn to.

This blog was designed to aid those looking for the top Jaipur bars. It offers a complete and complete listing of the best drinking spots the city offers.

6- Blackout

Blackout Pub is located on the 9th Floor in the Hotel Golden Oak. It opens at 2 PM and then quickly transforms into a lively urban hotspot.

The pub is renowned for its northern Indian and continental food. It also has a broad variety of spirits, wines beer, spirits, and wines. The rooftop bar also offers an amazing view of Jaipur.

 7-Amigos Bar & Discotheque, Jaipur

You might have thought of it from its name. Amigos Bar & Discotheque A Mexican-themed bar and discotheque that has been one of the most very popular Jaipur nightlife venues in recent times. People will have a wonderful time at this bar with delicious food and well-stocked bars. Amigos Bar & Discotheque is an ideal place to enjoy the evening with acquaintances or on a date with a special someone. It’s also an excellent alternative for those who want to dance to great music, but don’t want to spend a lot of cash. Also, take a look at the top clubs in Jaipur

8- House of People

The House of People bar at Hotel Las Vegas has a variety of things to provide. The bar is wheelchair-friendly as well as parking for valet guests. It also has seating both outdoors and indoors. There is also live entertainment like music and sports shows. There are many alcohol-based drinks and international cuisine.

9- The Extreme Discotheque, Jaipur

Extreme Discotheque can be the ideal venue for those looking to be swept away by the pounding music. In the weekends, this venue is filled with young folks who want to enjoy themselves and dance all night. It is worth visiting because of its low-cost drinks and great food. The bar closes slightly earlier than the other spots that are on the list. This is something to think about when you are looking for a place to party in Jaipur.

10- 100% Rock

As promised, this is the nightclub cum pub. 100% Rock is all about having fun and dancing on the dance floor. You will find a variety of Indian, Chinese, North Indian, Thai, and Continental cuisines along with a fully-stocked bar.

You can also enjoy live music or karaoke. For those who find the insides too restrictive, outdoor seating is an alternative.

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​​Best Time To Visit In Jaipur

Jaipur in Winter (November to February)


Temperature The temperature in the winter air is between 8 to 26 ° Celsius.

The winter conditions in Jaipur are warm and welcoming. The city is covered with fog and mist in the evenings and mornings. It’s a great time to explore, wander and take in the sights in the morning. The evenings are colder and temperatures fall to single one-digits. It is a pleasant time to spend time in.

Significance The season is here to experience a variety of exciting events! It’s winter and the city of Jaipur is enchanting and lively. We have listed some of our most memorable memories: riding an elephant in Amer Fort; cycling around Nahargarh Fort; strolling through traditional bazaars/streets and taking part in events like Jaipur Literature Fest. Jaipur Literature Fest. There are a variety of choices.

Why should you go now? Jaipur Like other cities in Rajasthan has a beautiful beauty during winter. You will be able to appreciate the majestic palaces, forts, and monuments better and quickly. The

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