10 Characteristics of an Excellent Software Developer

Software development is a demanding role in the market. They are usually smart. However, that is not enough for a wonderful software developer. A top software developer staffing agency demands some additional traits in a great software developer. Here you will be able to know the top ten characteristics that may assist you to become an excellent software developer.

Ten Characteristics Of a Software Developer: 

  • Passionate
  • Good time management
  • Love for learning & does homework
  • Data-driven
  • Deep technical knowledge
  • Focus on usable and rectifiable code
  • Aware of customers & business
  • Big image focus
  • Keep log
  • Takes feedback

1. Passionate:  

Passion is the most important factor that you need in this field. Being Passionate will assist you to become committed to your work and you are able to deliver quality work. Top software developer staffing agency always look for a passionate candidate who can fulfill the needs of their clients. 

2. Good time management:

This is a very important attribute of a decent software developer. You should know how to complete a project within the deadline. For this, you have to manage your time efficiently. You can use the 80:20 rule. You need to spend 80% of your project’s time planning it well and 20% in coding it. Besides these tools might facilitate you-

  • Measure productivity by time tracking.
  • Set a transparent goal – from daily and weekly to yearly and on the far side.
  • Review regularly to track progress.

3. Love for learning & does homework:

To become a great software developer you have to be a good self-learner. Every developer experiences a situation where they don’t know what to do. So you have to seek out the solution by asking the correct person or reading books. Self-learning will also help you to grow. Try to update yourself with new things associated with your work.

You should do your homework before going to a senior. Doing homework will make you a skilled software developer.

4. Data-driven:

An excellent software developer should always make decisions based on data rather than on own personal preferences. Software developers are part of the business and they must rely on data/information which is scientific.

5. Focus on usable and  rectifiable code: 

Software always works better when developers design it well and user-centric. To become an excellent software developer, you have to make the system simple and usable. Always think about customers and do not try to invent complicated stuff.  Try to develop readable code.

6. Deep technical knowledge:

In the software industry, deep technical knowledge and skills are the foremost necessary thing, someone should have. You must have the ability to teach yourself new languages and technologies quickly. And you can do so out of personal interest outside of work. You should have the ability to process information and make connections on the fly. As a developer, you will use some creative techniques to solve complex issues. By combining your cognitive abilities and diverse industry experience, you will be able to arrive at optimal solutions quickly. Any top software staffing agency will ask you for broad technical knowledge.

7. Aware of customers & business:

A developer builds a product for a final user. As a developer, a crucial job is to understand customers’ needs and build features that are useful to them. Along with this, your work must be profitable to your business. 

8. Big image focus:

A good developer does not only complete tasks that are given to them. Rather they take into thought the broader impact on the system and user experience as a complete. They prefer to realize the feature they’re building is of high value. They are also willing to speak up when a change request may compromise some other aspect or use-case of the software.

9. Keep a log: 

Document every modification you do and why you are doing it. Continuously update your works so that it does not result in duplication and scale back the burden. Even the client or the company are going to be jointly updated. 

10. They Take feedback:

A good software developer retrospects his/her work in the project and takes feedback from the customers/ stakeholders. Therefore you should always value feedback to improve yourself every time.


In this article, we have mentioned the ten characteristics of an excellent software developer. It is hard to find outstanding software developers nowadays. The tech industry is heading through a talent deficiency condition. Therefore, by developing these characteristics, you can join a top software developer staffing agency. All the best for your future.

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