Dog training and On-leash greetings are important because they provide a way for dogs and owners to communicate, whether it’s with words or body language. The on-leash greeting is an important way to communicate with your dog. On-leash greetings can help you and your dog establish a relationship. As soon as you put on the leash, your dog knows that he is under control and will obey you.

Delhi Dog training is a popular service. There are many dog training classes and dog training institutes in Delhi. People who like to know how to teach their dogs to live are usually from the centre class and upper class. Delhi has many reputed dog trainers who teach people how to train their pets. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider on-leash greetings, but today we want to share with you 10 thoughts that might help convince you to start using them.

Here are the 10 thoughts about on-leash greetings

Here are the 10 thoughts about on-leash greetings

  1. Fight or Flight

When you greet your dog with a leash, he’s going to go into fight or flight mode. He may feel threatened and want to protect himself. Or he may feel like he needs to run away from you. Your dog may be feeling nervous and scared, so he’ll start panting and growling at you.

This is why it’s important to put your dog on a leash when you greet him so that you can take control of the situation. If your dog is acting aggressive, calm him down by saying “Whoa!” or “Stop!” You don’t want to scare your dog by yanking on his leash too hard or hitting him with it.

  1. Dog Communication Reduced

Dogs have been bred for thousands of years to communicate with humans through body language and voice tone. When they’re on leashes, they can’t do this as easily as they could before because they aren’t able to read their owner’s body language as well when they’re being controlled by a leash instead of having full control over their bodies.

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  1. Reinforces Bad Habits

When you greet your dog on the leash, you are reinforcing bad behaviour. You are rewarding your dog for being aggressive and not showing any signs of love or affection. When you greet your dog on the leash, you are reinforcing bad behaviour. You are rewarding your dog for being aggressive and not showing any signs of love or affection.

  1. Not All Dogs Want to Make Friends

The goal is to have your dog stand up for himself, which means that you need to be ready to let him take charge of the situation. If your dog is meeting new people, be sure to greet them first. Letting him walk up to someone and start barking may seem like a great idea at the time, but it will make everyone feel.

  1. Stand Up for Dogs

Dogs are amazing. They’re the best pets ever, and they deserve to be treated with love and respect.

But sometimes we forget that. We don’t always think about what our dogs need, or how we can make their lives better. And that’s why I’m writing this: so that you can stand up for your dog every time you see a person on a leash.

It means that people will stop trying to run them over in the street or ask them for money for treats—they’ll just know that dogs are safe where they are!

  1. Walks should be fun

They live a wonderful way to expend moments with your dog and bring exercise at the same period. It is important to remember that walks are not training sessions, they should be enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Don’t make too much of an effort in planning your walk, it’s better to relax and enjoy the walk than to try and impress everyone else by walking at a brisk pace or doing something different each time.

  1. Parallel Walks

The most important thing about on-leash greetings is that they’re not a competition. They’re about building a relationship with your dog and getting to know each other. But there are still many benefits when you do it right: Your dog will feel more secure in public spaces, and you’ll both have some extra time together outside of work or playtime.

  1. A Few Good Friends

On-leash greetings are a fun way to introduce your dog to other dogs and people in the neighbourhood. You can even utilise them as an option to rehearse the “down-stay” knowledge.

  1. Trail Walks

Trail Walks live a wonderful way to bring some activity and bond with your dog’s collection. You can walk on a trail leading away from the park, or in the park itself. It’s important that you both keep up with the group, and make sure that your dog is comfortable with other dogs. Some parks have designated areas where dogs are allowed on leash only, like at picnic tables or on playground equipment.

  1. Just No

On-leash greetings have become a common way to greet people and dogs. Even though this has been a lovely gesture, it’s still not the most suitable choice if you want to bypass the competition. It’s important to use safe and effective methods of greeting people who walk by your property.


On-leash greetings can cause conflict because they are often mistaken for aggressive behaviour, especially when someone does not want to be greeted by their dog or is walking with their dog on a leash that is too long for them. If you’re not sure if your greeting is aggressive, ask them if they mind being greeted by their dog.

Dog training in Mumbai is an important part of dog ownership. If you have a strong relationship with your dog, and all of the rules are followed, your dog will get along well with other dogs and people. It will also be easier for you to train your dog because it will respond to commands more quickly and consistently.

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