3 Ways Dry Shampoo Can Save the Day This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a flurry of travel, shopping, errands, and life. With everything going on, including traveling to see your relatives, there’s one thing that can get lost in the mix. Hair care! Well, many things can get lost in the mix during the holidays, but hair care doesn’t have to be one of them. Even when traveling with your favorite shampoo and conditioner isn’t an option, there is another reliable option: dry shampoo! A non toxic dry shampoo made with real, natural ingredients can save the day this holiday season. Here’s why you aren’t going to want to leave home without it.

Dry Shampoo is the Ultimate Travel Companion

Traveling with liquid shampoo and conditioner on an airline can be hit or miss. If the bottles are too large, it can end up a miss. It’s even more inconvenient if you have to swap bottles to meet various requirements before you leave home. A single container of dry shampoo gets you right through. It’s also more convenient than carrying multiple containers of hair care products. You have fewer things to carry and fewer things to take up space. No matter where you’re going or how you’re traveling, this is a hair care product that’s easy to pack and take literally wherever. But the convenience doesn’t end there.

Add Volume and Texture to Your Hair Wherever You Are

At the airport? On a train? At your relative’s home? At a hotel? In the car? It doesn’t matter where you are, you can add volume and texture to your hair when you need to. During long hours and days of travel, sometimes you want to refresh your look. Dry shampoo lets you do that with ease. You don’t have to worry about not being able to give your hair a full wash. That and it only takes a few minutes at most. After using a dry shampoo, you get back desired volume and texture. Along with it, you may also get manageability. To everyone around you, it might look like you’ve washed your hair—and you can let them think that all they want!

Dry Shampoo Keeps Harsh Ingredients Out of Your Hair

Store shelves are lined with all kinds of shampoo. When you’re conscious about what you put on your skin and in your hair, your choice of shampoo matters. A non toxic dry shampoo made with wholesome ingredients helps keep potential harshness out of your hair. This is a big deal any time of year—not just during the holidays. Think clean ingredients like arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, cocoa powder, and baking soda. Add in a few essential botanical oils to complete it. And that’s it! It’s hair care simplicity at its finest. You have so many other things on your mind during the holiday season. The last thing you want to concern yourself with is dry shampoo ingredients. And before you head out the door on your holiday adventures, here’s your reminder to pack the dry shampoo. Here’s to the holidays going off without a hitch.

About Primally Pure

Primally Pure is all about saying goodbye to conventional skincare and saying hello to simple, pure skincare. You’ll find simple, pure, potent natural and organic ingredients across all of Primally Pure’s lines. Every product, from their Baby Soap Bar to their Non Toxic Dry Shampoo to their Almond + Vanilla Body Butter, is made with thoughtfully sourced, wholesome ingredients. Their thoughtfulness can also be found in their approach to wellness. Not only are they a source for wellness tools, like their Gua Sha stone and dry brushes, but Primally Pure is also a wellspring of knowledge. They have resources to guide you if you want to know how to best use any of their skincare products or learn about dry brushing face and body techniques. Discover new paths to wellness with Primally Pure.

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