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5 applications of artificial intelligence to improve your website

Improving web pages so that they convert more and offer the user what they are really looking for is the goal of most customers. And without a doubt, in recent times the use of artificial intelligence for web pages contributes greatly to those goals. And is that AI is much more present than we think in web development in Lahore. For example, Amazon uses AI to offer users only products relevant to the user, Netflix uses it to suggest movies and series, or numerous companies such as Ikea or Zara already have a chatbot among their customer support services. But the possibilities of AI are manifold and there are also very beneficial solutions for small and medium-size companies. That is why at proun we always consider these new technologies in the development of our projects.

5 applications of artificial intelligence to improve your website

Next, we explain what are the 5 artificial intelligence applications that improve the conversion of a web page.

Chatbots, artificial intelligence to improve your customers’ experience

A chatbot is an automate chat that responds to customers base on their questions . Therefore, these responses, apart from being automate, are personalized. The chatbot comes to develop the functions that customer service would fulfill. In addition, it can provide very valuable information, because you will know what are the questions that are running through your audience’s head. All of this is possible because artificial intelligence has reach such a high point of development that it allows it to interpret human language.

Data Science, AI at the service of data analysis and reporting

One of the most important actions within any digital marketing strategy is the collection of data and its subsequent analysis for the preparation of reports. Artificial intelligence can gather i Trinidad data and variants , and Analyze ACCORDING to the parameters That interest. In addition, it is capable of doing it in a more exhaustive way than if it were made by a human. The number of clicks, time spent on the website, comments, and other variants can be analyze by artificial intelligence software.

Data Science, AI at the service of data analysis and reporting

Personalize recommendations for your clients

The statistics collect by artificial intelligence for web pages are not only use to prepare reports. It is possible to interpret this data to know what is going through their head to your client. That is why it is essential to make a web design applying artificial intelligence. Thus, we will obtain a better user experience by providing what you are looking for. Thanks to AI it is possible to anticipate what you are thinking.And, of course, make personalize recommendations base on that data. This customization will create in the client a feeling of belonging that will often end with an increase in their loyalty and loyalty to your business.

Improve shopping experience

Another possibility that artificial intelligence for web pages can offer your business is the improvement of the user shopping experience. This is achieve by increasing the customizations. For example, when artificial intelligence software interprets that a certain customer is interest in a product, you can send them relate content. An example would be a blog post on your website that provides information about this product. In addition, it is expect that in a few years this same artificial intelligence will be able to generate the same valuable content.

Voice search

This software is not only capable of interpreting human language in a written way, it can also interpret the language spoken by any user. Which allows you to search our website, even navigate through it base on voice commands that artificial intelligence interprets. This implies a substantial improvement in terms of accessibility to any corner of an online site. Many believe that artificial intelligence will one day end the keyboards and mice that navigation devices incorporate today. Or that its use will be secondary, at least.

AI in voice search

If you apply with dedication and patience these technologies for web pages, the results will give a qualitative and quantitative leap to your company. What are you waiting to introduce them to?

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