5 Hand Trucks That Can Enhance Your Business’ Efficiency

Every business wants to be more efficient. Whether renting out party equipment or delivering products to customer homes, the more efficient your team is, the healthier your bottom line. But how can you improve your team’s efficiency in the coming months? There are several ways that can happen. For example, a business can transition to high-quality, customizable name-brand hand trucks.

Secondly, a business can adopt a more diverse and powerful hand truck fleet. Finally, those dollies can be further enhanced with additional attachments and accessories. Of course, businesses should also consider the benefits of doing all of the above. Here are a few hand carts that can help any business be more efficient, along with specific use cases that might apply to your organization and your team’s workflow.

Move Bulky Items with a Heavy Duty Hand Truck or Appliance Dolly

Some jobs simply call for a heavier-duty hand truck. Specifically, those big jobs call for appliance hand trucks. Upgrading to appliance dollies is important for businesses that move or deliver anything large and heavy. While a traditional hand cart can handle loads up to 500 pounds, an appliance hand cart is made to handle much more. These heavy duty dollies are capable of moving up to 800 pounds safely and efficiently.

Appliance dollies are specially built for furniture, appliances, and other large loads. While these items are typically a challenge in any scenario, the appliance cart handles much of the work. With ratchet straps and a fourth wheel attachment, your employees can move bulky, heavy items with ease.

The Convertible Hand Truck Enables Your Team to Move More with Less

The convertible hand truck is a surefire solution for a more diverse material handling fleet. Basically, a convertible hand truck can be operated in the same vertical position as a traditional hand truck. However, they can also be dropped down into four-wheel mode, enabling the tool to handle a wider range of items and carry more weight (up to 1,000 pounds). That orientation provides a lot more real estate for moving loads that may not fit well on a traditional hand truck’s noseplate. Moreover, it provides a stable platform for moving larger loads.

Rather than needing two hand carts, one traditional model and a platform cart, your employee can handle both tasks with one. This is especially useful in delivery or on-site scenarios. Whether your team needs to move a large number of boxes or an item that is large and heavy, the convertible hand truck can help.

See How a Hand Lift Truck Can Elevate Efficiency

A high-quality hand lift truck is invaluable for the repeated lifting and moving of heavy loads. Basically, it allows your employee to lift up to 350 pounds with virtually no strain. They can even be used instead of forklifts for some applications. The best part is they take up a smaller footprint and don’t require a license or certification to operate.

Hand lift trucks are especially useful when stocking shelves in a warehouse. Instead of having them bend down and pick up a box, the employee can load it onto the plate of the hand lift cart and let the electric screw drive action take care of the rest. This equipment is even useful in automotive applications as well. Teams can use it to lift heavy parts, such as an engine block, and then move them across the warehouse with ease.

Experience the Capability of Powered Hand Carts

Additionally, there are powered hand carts for other tough jobs. For instance, a motorized hand truck can move up to 1,000 pounds on virtually any terrain. A powered stair climbing hand truck can move the heaviest loads up and down stairs with minimal effort from moving or delivery employees. With this motorized power, your employees can handle much more weight without having to risk injury or damaging the items.

Powered hand trucks work exceptionally well in warehouse applications. With a capacity of up to 1,000 pounds, employees can move heavy loads across the warehouse floor and onto a delivery truck in a loading bay. The powered stair climbing dollies are useful for deliveries, as the worker only needs to focus on their ergonomic position instead of lugging a heavy item up and down a flight of stairs.

Make the Most of Attachments and Accessories

Lastly, it’s always worth making the most of the many attachments and accessories available for high-quality hand trucks. For example, a traditional hand truck can be equipped with a stair climbing attachment. That immediately makes non-powered hand truck use far easier on stairs. Additionally, consider adding a stabilizing fourth attachment to appliance hand trucks. That will make those heavy moves even easier. Accessories like extractors, break back bars, and hand truck breaks can be incredibly helpful as well.

Always Invest in High-Quality Customizable Name-Brand Hand Trucks

There are many practical reasons to invest in high-quality name-brand hand trucks. For one thing, high-quality hand trucks mean safer, more efficient, and more reliable material handling. It also means more access to replacement parts than would be available with off-brand models. After all, replacing a part is less expensive than replacing a hand truck. Finally, it provides a level of customization that every business should make the most of. For instance, a Magliner hand truck can be customized in over four million different ways, which means you can design the perfect hand cart to fit your business’ unique needs.

About Magline

For 75 years, the Magliner brand has set the standard for durability, reliability, and quality. Across the world, material handling professionals know and rely on Magliner gear for safe and effective service. The ultra-customizable traditional Magliner hand truck remains the flagship product of their equipment lineup, but you can find so much more from the brand. Other Magliner selections include their powered hand truck collection, convertible hand truck series, and more. When your delivery drivers, warehouse workers, or any employees need to deliver, lift, or otherwise move anything, you can always rely on Magliner equipment to help ensure they get the job done safely, efficiently, and effectively.

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