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5 Important Steps That Will Definitely Make Clinic Visits Safer for Everyone

The pandemic came like a blow from nowhere, causing our lives to come to a standstill. For some, it has been the end of the road by causing huge human and economic losses. It is better to be safe in such an unpredictable situation with no permanent cure seen anywhere. In spite of that life cannot stop and has to go at a certain pace to move on. Essential services have to be provided safely to one and all.

Food and medical services are the most important steps. Not every service can be delivered at the doorsteps people have to go to the respective places to avail them. Medical services are one such important service that has to be availed in person. Therefore, precautionary measures of the highest order should be taken to make that happen. Here is a list of steps that should be taken at all clinics to make them as safe as possible for all patients, attendants, and medical service providers.

  • Getting the Medical Facility Regularly Sanitized

This goes without saying that a medical centre like the clinic should be sanitized daily and places with higher influx should be sanitized twice a day. People from different walks of life with diverse backgrounds who might have got in contact with infected people visit a clinic. The likelihood of them being already carriers should not be ruled out. Sanitize the vicinity without any fail.

  • Using Clear Plastic Strips at the Consultation Table and Reception Counter

 The doctor’s chamber and the appointment counter are two places where the person-to-person contact is the highest. Place clear plastic strips to divide these areas into smaller chambers. This will definitely help in restricting the virus from moving around.

  • providing Socially Distanced Slots

Provide ample space for the patients that want to avail the services of the center. They should be conveniently able to sit in the clinic waiting room without coming into close contact with anyone. Making appointments on the phone or online informs them that they should not start waiting for a way before their time slot. 

  • Getting the Staff Tested at Least Once a Month

No one wants to get infected by this virus willingly. It is the smallest mistake that has infected people. In a place like the medical clinic where the influx of people is huge the probability of the staff getting infected is huge. Therefore it is imperative that the staff should be tested for the virus regularly. Even if no one has any symptoms, asymptomatic carriers are always a threat. 

  • Using the Mask in All Situations

Although this bylaw is an obvious step, reiterating it is all the more important. Masking up in all the situations no matter what is the key to defeating this pandemic. The mask helps in preventing infection in the most effective manner. Be careful about the kind of masks that you are using. Also, the reuse of masks should not be continued after a certain time. It does not serve the purpose of forming a barrier between the infected and the uninfected.

Going to a medical facility cannot be stopped in any case. The pandemic can be stopped by staying at home to be safe, but how do you save a sick person who is in need of immediate medical help and cannot be catered to in a domestic setup. In such a situation precautions at every end can save everyone from getting infected. Remember this is a highly infectious virus that will catch you whenever you keep your guard down even for a short while. Being cautious at a medical facility like a clinic is therefore extremely important.

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