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5 Important Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Date

Finally, you’re engaged! A lot of your family and friends might be asking you when’s the wedding date, and you don’t even know where to start with. The biggest factor on your wedding date will be the availability of your choice of venue. However, there are some other elements you’ll have to consider when making this crucial decision. 

In this article, we’ll help you pick the best wedding date such as how early you must book, what holidays to avoid, and other important factors that could influence your choice. 

How Early Should You Choose a Wedding Day

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Of course, the process will always be different for every couple when picking a wedding date. However, the best place to start is to think about how much time you’ll require to plan your amazing day. Around 15 months long is the average engagement, so you can give yourself at least a year to plan your wedding which can really help you and your fiance. 

It’s great to follow this as this will provide you with enough time to tick everything off your list—from searching and ordering your wedding dress which can take about 9 to 11 months to book the venue of your wedding reception. 

We suggest that you find your dream venue first and check what available dates they have prior to officially having your heart committed to a specific day, as they might be booked already. 

Think About Dates That are Symbolic to You and Your Fiance 

How memorable will it be to marry the love of your life on the date you first met or the day you officially became a couple, maybe even on your grandparent’s anniversary. In other cultures, they use traditional methods when it comes to deciding the best wedding date, for instance, Japanese families would check out the ‘koyomi’ which is an ancient astrological calendar, by picking the luckiest day. 

Although you might not be able to get married on the exact day you want and the venue you preferred may be booked, you can still get pretty close. 

Holidays to Avoid 

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It’s best that you avoid family-oriented holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving if you’re having a bigger guest list that will include more distant relatives and friends. You want to make sure that they come as guests are usually spending time with family on vacations during the holidays. 

If you really want to do your wedding on holiday, on-the-day wedding coordinators would recommend doing it on New Year’s Eve. Since the occasion already has a celebratory mood, wouldn’t it be nice to align the beginning of your married life with the start of a new year? You can also consider doing your wedding on the July 4th weekend as confetti cannons during midnight and fireworks displays are so festive and fun! 

Choose the Season You Want 

Remember that the weather not only affects your wedding’s location and style, but it can also help set the type of mood you want. So, determine your wedding personality and make sure that you choose your season accordingly. A summer wedding would be great if you like fun, free-spirited, tropical-inspired cocktails with sun-dappled settings. 

If you dream of having a snowfall, opulence, and holiday sparkle marriage, you may want to consider a winter wedding. Also, mulled apple cider, lavish colours, and nostalgia are ideal for a fall wedding. Meanwhile, you can do a spring wedding if you love pastels, freshness, and a daffodil bouquet would suit your vibe. 

The Cheapest Month to Get Married 

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If you’ve determined your wedding budget already, this can help you go a long way towards directing you to the right wedding date. For example, June, September, and October are a few of the most popular wedding months, so expect the prices to go up. You also need to compete with a bunch of other couples for your venue and all your vendors. Furthermore, the months of December and February are also wedding bonanza because of the holidays of Christmas and Valentine’s day. 

However, if you’re aiming to save more money on your wedding, try to pick an off-month, where you can get discounted prices and a finer selection of venues and vendors. The cheapest months to do your wedding falls down to March, April and November. 

We also want to add that the days of the week also matter. For example, Saturday nights carry the most expensive price tag. However, you can marry during the week and you can do everything, even venues would bid against each other just to get your business.

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