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5 Most Useful E-Commerce Marketing Tools

Undoubtedly the present pandemic due to Covid has elevated the demand for eCommerce stores. By delivering products on time at the preferred location of their customers, e-stores have naturally become the favourite of their targeted clients. Gradually more companies are joining hands to be a part of this digital revolution. They are turning up high-end e-stores to offer quality products to customers globally.

So, building an online store is unquestionably a wise move at this point. However, the development of e-stores alone can’t guarantee its success, if you don’t know how to market your brand and products effectively. To help you out marketing your eCommerce business, here we are with the 5 most powerful e-commerce marketing tools that are often embraced by the top digital marketers of e-Commerce marketing agencies.

But before that let’s discuss some of the strategies you may include as a part of marketing.

E-commerce marketing: In brief

E-commerce marketing primarily refers to the marketing initiatives used by business owners to advertise their online stores and increase sales. It is not only essential to attract new customers to an online store but also to retain the existing clients as well. E-commerce marketing makes everything possible.

There are many strategies to advertise your online store listed below are a few well-liked and successful ones:

  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • SMS marketing
  • Promoting through blogs
  • Offline marketing such as television ads.

ecommerce marketing

Things to consider before beginning your search for the ideal e-commerce marketing tool

You will find a list of options to choose from when you start to select the best e-commerce marketing tool. Let’s now introduce you to some of the popular e-commerce marketing tools available. You can choose the one that suits your business needs and help you in goal accomplishments.

  • Email marketing: Email marketing will undoubtedly help you achieve the outcomes you want for your online store promotion. Since it allows you to send direct messages to prospective customers, you have the opportunity to convince them. Email marketing solutions are undoubtedly helpful for automating your online store’s email marketing and making it simple to track. Some well-known email marketing tools beneficial for your e-commerce marketing include Mailchimp, Omnisend, etc.
  • Analytics tools: Leveraging different analytics tools helps run marketing campaigns successfully. Your e-commerce marketing campaign’s success ultimately relies on a variety of data-driven insights into recent market patterns and customer behaviour. Knowing how visitors interact with your websites is also helpful. Other than that, there are numerous other crucial indicators that you should be aware of, and such tools support knowing that. Some examples of these analytics tools include MOZ, Ahrefs, etc.
  • Website building tools: Without a doubt, marketing your business does not directly tie to the e-commerce website construction tool. However, for your business to grow, you must have a compelling website. Because of this, you need to be aware of the tools that reputable e-commerce website development service providers use when setting up an online store. Examples include Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, and others.
  • Customer service: Increasing sales is the goal of promoting your online store, and offering excellent customer service also contributes to this success. You can use a few customer service platforms, like Groove HQ or even Zendesk, to give your customers the greatest possible experiences.

E-Commerce Platform

5 essential e-commerce marketing tools

Here, we’ve discussed 5 tools that any reliable e-commerce marketing agency in India would recommend using to promote your online store. Keep reading for additional details about those tools.


You won’t succeed in your endeavours by marketing a business that doesn’t offer excellent customer service. Because of this, you might consider employing a solution that will enable you to offer excellent customer support. The tool that you can think about using to create a 24/7 support portal for your clients is called Zendesk. Furthermore, it aids in the development of online communities and also FAQ searches.

Important features:
Check out the key features of Zendesk listed below.

  • Social media apps can easily be connected with it.
  • It helps to save templates that contain information about the clients. Furthermore, these templates assist in responding to the tickets that customers use to submit their concerns.
  • Assists in identifying the concerns that customers are raising most frequently. Again, understanding how long it takes to resolve each issue brought up by the consumer, this tool helps.
  • It assists in automatically organizing tickets based on the seriousness of each issue.

Budget estimation:
Let’s look at the cost of using this tool.

  • A free trial of 30 days is available to start. You will need to pay $49 per month for a single help centre after the free trial expires.
  • You will be charged $79 per month if you require this tool for many service centres.


It’s one of the most effective e-commerce marketing tools which offers a complete solution to most of your marketing needs. This tool helps virtual sellers to connect with their clients through various channels. Moreover, it is a one-stop marketing solution for an online seller.

Important features

  • Works as a great marketing automation tool.
  • It helps with email marketing services. Besides, it is also useful for sending SMS and designing email campaigns.
  • It helps in segmentation.
  • It’s a great help in capturing new subscribers for your online store.

Budget estimation:
They offer three types of plans to know more check out the points below:

  • You can start with the free plan which is featured 500 emails with marketing services per month.
  • For the standard plan, you will be charged 16$ per month. It offers marketing services for 6000 emails per month.
  • The pro plan is ideal if you need unlimited emails for $59 per month.


With this SEO software, businesses can optimize their websites’ search engine rankings. For improving the visibility of your website this tool is ideal.

Important features

  • Useful for keyword research, rank tracking, and also site crawl.
  • For page analytics, this tool is very helpful.
  • You will also get many free SEO tools.

Estimated budgets
Consider looking at the expected cost of using MOZ:

  • There is no free plan available for MOZ, but you can try their 30day free trial.
  • The MOZ Pro plan ranges from $99/ month to $ 599/month.
  • Their popular plan MOZ Local charges $14/ month to $33/ month.
  • You can avail unlimited benefits from rank tracking and SERP analytics with the STAT plan, which starts at $720 per month.


This email marketing tool serves customized solutions to the users. It helps send emails and automate your email marketing campaigns. Therefore, this software facilitates unique methods to generate sales for your e-commerce brand.

Important features

  • It has audience management to keep your customers engaged by sending compelling emails. Besides, it has several other facilities to offer.
  • Creative assistant, content studio, subject line helper, etc. are some examples of features it offers.
  • It can also help with other features such as insight & analytics.

Estimated budget
Check out the plans of Mailchimp:

  • Signing up with the free plan that supports 2000 emails/day is a great idea.
  • The essentials plan starts at Rs.770/month.
  • The standard and the premium plan starting at Rs. 1150 per month and Rs. 23000 per month, respectively.


You must use Triberr to ensure that your content reaches your target audience. It is a useful content marketing tool that makes sure your content is seen by a larger social network.

Important features:

  • It aids in creating a network of people with similar interests.
  • Assists in determining the kinds of content that your target audience prefers to view and in curating pertinent content around it.
  • Assists in counting the clicks on your post.

Triberr offers various features to users without charge. However, if you want to create more tribes, look at the prices listed below.

  • To form 21 tribes, you have to pay $50 per month.
  • For 7 tribes, each with 50 people, you will be charged a monthly plan of $21.


The biggest issue today is staying competitive. Ecommerce marketing tools are a great boon to those entrepreneurs who wish to keep up the pace in this digital world. But, it is always advisable to take professional help from an e-commerce marketing agency, if you are not an expert in this arena. It will save both time and effort. It will also help you overcome the various challenges you may face while marketing online.

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