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5 Reasons why open source delivery app Is Best

The current situational change is the main reason why so much of the population is ready to make their own business out of monotonous jobs as a position, and has been a real eye opener as to how no job is ever secure. Meanwhile we all have already faced another fact which is “the food business never goes out of business”, naturally because we never stop eating.

As simple as the idea of ​​building your own venture sounds, it certainly comes with a slew of challenges. The biggest challenge after Kovid-19 is the increase in technical equipment. And we can all agree that it’s very hard to keep up the pace of progress every now and then, so you need a partner. Nothing better than a partner to take care of technical hassle and an open source app to support you in your bubbling venture when you’re grinding yourself up to work on your business. This makes the Edelivery App your ideal companion for the following reasons:-

Why Open Source Delivery app?

Open source app integration is commonly used by independent vendors, and is generally favored by the hospitality industry. The script is written in PHP language and uses MYSQL for the backend data. This is much better than regular stubborn SAAS systems. Because it is very easy to control. Edelivery offers a variety of modules to the users which makes it very friendly. With the kind of business that’s to come. Users have the freedom to choose what is best for them and go ahead with it.

Being an open source app, Edelivery offers a high level of customization to meet the needs of the client. Which means you can freely add or remove modules as per your requirement. You can turn the app into anything you’ve ever dreamed of. All your needs may be met and you are ready to go with your new business.

Another great thing about the Edelivery app. You can start your business online and see the response to it to make changes. You can also understand your client’s needs. Just when you have started your new business. Things like this can be overwhelming, so starting your business with Ghost Kitchen can be a great way to do it. There is none better than the open source edelivery app.

More Delivery App Features

Apart from this, there is no vendor lock-in fee charged. This consequently helps you to manage your finances very well. You don’t have to be suddenly disappointed that their charges are adapting to the market burning your pocket. Rest assured that they do not have any hidden costs or vendor lock in fees. There are also no unbroken hidden terms and conditions falling on their customer’s pocket.

No joke, but this open source app wrapped in features doesn’t do all the basic functions. But almost everything like stock management, order tracking. Even customer management, sales reporting, tax management. The system also houses customer transactions, barcode generation and printing, receipt and invoice printing, supplier databases and much more.

Sounds very easy doesn’t it? because it is! With an open source app- EdeliveryApp. You are easily starting your business easily without any hassle. Adapting to the ever-changing trends from the very beginning is still a top-notch enterprise. You can also consider our deliveroo clone if you plan on stating a food delivery business

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