5 Things You Should Know When Calling Wrecker Service

Have you ever had the stressful moment in life where your car broke down in the middle of nowhere? If yes, then you would exactly know the tension of the moment which gets worse with each passing minute if you are unable to find proper mechanics on time. However, in case of facing such terrible accidents or car breakdowns, you can call for help from the wreckers available in your area. All you need to do is to call for their help and wait till they arrive at your rescue.

However, due to the heavy competition in the market, it might be quite confusing for you to rely on proper wrecker services. Hence, to help you get over such problems, you can go through the following article for considering the essentials before hiring them.

Things To Do Before

Before calling a wrecker service, follow these steps.

Don’t Lose Your Cool

Being composed can help you make better decisions and communicate clearly with an operator. Consider that some wrecker services may take advantage of the situation, especially if you appear to be intoxicated. So, maintain your composure and hunt for a reputable wrecker’s business.

Safety Must Come First

If your vehicle breaks down in a safe area, you should remain in your vehicle until help arrives. If you must leave your vehicle for some reason, activate the warning lights, and go to a safer location where you can still see it.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Before contacting a wrecker’s service, check with your insurance provider to see what they cover. Inquire with them as well, as some insurance companies collaborate with towing businesses.

Take Pictures of Your Vehicle

Photographs are a great way to keep track of things, which could be essential if something goes wrong while towing. So that you can deal with your insurance company without difficulty and prevent unexpected fees.

Prepare Your Car for Travel

Although most towing firms are trustworthy, you should never leave valuables in your vehicle. Generally, it is advisable to include all necessary items and paperwork. When the tow truck comes, check your car one more time before giving it to the driver.


Things To Mention to Service Provider

When calling a wrecker’s service, provide the following information:


A towing business will need to know your location before anything else. If you do not know your exact location, you must provide them with the most accurate directions possible, including landmarks and road signs. You can, if feasible, also use the GPS on your phone.

The Condition of The Vehicle

It would be great if you could be as specific as possible regarding the problem with your car. Tell the towing firm all you know, such as whether your vehicle is stuck in a ditch or if you don’t know what caused the breakdown so that they can send the appropriate tools and equipment to assist you.

You should also inform them if you require immediate assistance, especially if your vehicle is blocking traffic or is stalled in a hazardous area. This allows them to save you immediately.

Automobile Model and Manufacturer

Most towing services are equipped to move a regular automobile, but for the safety of other cars, they require specialized equipment. Therefore, letting the firm know what type of vehicle you have can assist them in determining what to do next. Also, towing a car the wrong way can quickly damage the engine or drivetrain, so it could help them figure out what equipment to use.


To determine how much you must pay, the towing firm must know where you want your vehicle transferred. It can be delivered to your home or a nearby mechanic. However, some locations have on-site mechanics who can take care of your vehicle immediately.

The Identification Number of a Traveler

You may consider riding in your vehicle while it is being towed, but not only is it risky, but in some locations, it is also illegal. It is safer to take the tow truck or another vehicle. Some modern wreckers include a modest amount of rear-seat passenger space. You must inform the company of the number of passengers so they can determine whether you can fit in their vehicle. They may also be able to provide transportation for you.


Even though calling a wrecker’s service can be aggravating, you can make it easier on yourself by being prepared to tell them where you are, what’s wrong with your vehicle, what make and model it is, where you want to go, and how many people are in the vehicle. This expedites the arrival of the towing service to your location.

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