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5 Tips for Increasing YouTube Music Promotion

5 Tips for Increasing YouTube Music Promotion

1.Use cards and end screens to drive traffic to your videos.

Other than playlists, the only options available to YouTubers to circumvent the algorithm and directly affect our audience’s next selection are cards and end screens. In the video, cards are clickable, interactive regions that can be seen at any time. In this situation, we’re focused in increasing YouTube music promotion, so pick a card that connects to another one of your videos—or even better, playlists—because they exist in a variety of formats and may be used for things like fundraising or selling merchandise. (Note: Cards cannot be used on videos marked as suitable for children.)

Since cards are pop-ups, it is crucial that they provide value. You don’t want your audience to feel spammed. Check out this All About Cards video, which contains a card about learning about various card types, for a particularly meta example. End screens, on the other hand, are graphic calls-to-action that you may include in the final 5 to 20 seconds of your video to nudge viewers toward taking the next step. They are useful since you may assume a viewer is keenly engaged in your excellent content if they have seen your entire video.

It’s a good idea to use end screens to entice viewers to subscribe to your channel for YouTube music promotion or go to your website. However, the best course of action if you want more views is to use your end screen to advertise your other videos or playlists. (Keep in mind that while editing your video, you’ll need to add a few more seconds at the conclusion if you want to include end screens.) Four more of YouTuber SssniperWolf’s videos are linked in the end cards of her videos. For whatever her schtick is, it’s like a pick your own adventure story.

2.Move past the instructional video (i.e., make videos no one else is making)

This is due to the high volume of how-to content searches. You must, however, balance preaching to the devoted with your efforts to draw in new viewers for your YouTube music promotion.

The value-added features of your brand on YouTube take the form of content that appeals to people who are already your fans. For instance, YouTube chef Tabitha Brown doesn’t only share her vegan nachos recipe… In order to give her admirers an intimate insight at her personal life, she sits down with her spouse and discusses their relationship. 

3.Establish connections with your audience

Breaking the fourth wall and starting a two-way dialogue could be accomplished by:

  • Comment back (it’s polite!)
  • Hold a YouTube competition
  • Create reaction videos
  • Include content created by others in your videos (with their permission)

4.Work together

People enjoy the sudden familiarity of crossovers, guest spots, mash-ups, and covers. Find the Billy Ray Cyrus to your Lil Nas X and the He-Man to your brand’s She-Ra. Maybe you’re a brand with money, in which case selecting a creative with a fanbase of your own is a no-brainer.

So your greatest option is to collaborate with other artists who share your viewpoints. The inclusion of two drag queens, e.l.f. cosmetics, and Chipotle in this video is similar to a super crossover.

5.Use all of your social media channels to promote your YouTube videos.

To market your YouTube channel, you should use every social media tool at your disposal.

To get more YouTube views, however, AVOID the following:

  • Post a text or image with a link to your YouTube video of YouTube music promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. Objectively speaking, linking to YouTube makes sense, but the issue is that social media networks want to keep users there (just like YouTube does) which are mostly arranged by YouTube advertising services. Therefore, their algorithms won’t favour a text-only post with an external link. In other words, your YouTube views as well as your impressions and CTR will be minimal.
  • Your full video of YouTube music promotion should be uploaded to those platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter want you to do this (don’t @ me; IGTV is a direct rival of YouTube). You’ll probably gain a lot of attention and reach on those networks if you post your entire video. Additionally, they won’t increase your YouTube views.

Instead, promote your video by performing the following:

  • Post a brief preview video in native format to your social media accounts. Along with a link to the longer version of the video of YouTube music promotion on YouTube.
  • Keep in mind that you won’t want to share the identical content of YouTube music promotion video on all of your social media platforms.


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