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5 Types Of Events That You Can Have On A Floating Pontoon

Today, we live in a competitive and ever-changing world—where providing something fresh to the table is slowly becoming the new norm. The way we live our lives and celebrate our milestones is changing too. We are the generation that plans and commences events that elevate our experiences into something new. 

One of the unique event ideas that event planners offer is water events. Today, many marina builder companies provide floating pontoon rentals for event use. As long as you work with a reputable marina builder company that supplies high-quality pontoons, you can surely kick off your event. 
If you’re an event planning company, you’re probably looking for fresh event ideas that you can provide your clients. Since hundreds to thousands of events happen every year, regularly providing unique event proposals can be challenging. Thankfully, floating events are now a thing that you can use to your advantage. 

If you’ve been thinking of incorporating floating pontoon events into your business, this post is for you. Here are five types of events that you can have on a floating pontoon. 


1. Sporting events such as triathlons

One of the events that regularly happens worldwide is sports events. Whether it is a small or big event, there will always be a sport for people to celebrate. For most people, planning a sports event in the middle of the water may seem absurd. However, if an event organiser is good enough, you surely can pull it off uniquely. 

A creative events planner can undoubtedly pull off a floating sports event seamlessly. Some of the sports you can organise are swimming, boating, triathlon, or rowing. Any other sports could be possible as long as you find the right floating pontoon supplier who can meet your event requirements. 


2. Product launches

If we’re being honest, floating events are expensive. Unless you’re rich, you wouldn’t typically choose a water event as your first option. The truth is, corporate companies are the ones who have the budget to go for a floating event. It’s more common to find and organise corporate events in the waters than social events. 

And since that’s the case, planning a product launch on the water is one event that would elevate the experience. Product launches are a big thing for businesses. Today, most companies even include countdowns and teasers to add suspense and thrill to their launch. They’re making an effort to not only make their product release exciting. They’re also making their target audience look forward to it. 

In other words, the event before and for the release is a critical part of the launch itself. So if you have many corporate clients looking to have a unique product launch, you can pitch in having it on the water. 


3. Weddings

One of the main event types that many people look forward to is weddings. It’s as if weddings have become the epitome of a successful social event. And so, most of the time, people have high expectations when it comes to weddings. 

As time passes, event planners strive to provide a unique wedding setting and style that people haven’t seen before. One setting that you can use to your advantage is the water. If a couple wants their ceremony and reception to be serene yet transparent, having it on the water could be for them.

But of course, there are many restrictions and factors that you should take into account when planning a water wedding. From motion sickness to the safety of the guests, water weddings need thorough planning and detailing. It is also critical to gauge if the couple you’re pitching this to is fond of the water. A water wedding would be great. But if the couple is not into it, you might as well save the idea for another couple who truly loves it. 


4. Concerts and live entertainment shows

Today, many artists work on providing the best show that they ever could possible. Regardless of the size of the show, most artists aim to bring entertainment uniquely. And so, if you happen to work with an entertainment company, you can pitch in a floating event. 

Floating concerts and shows can provide a unique stage for the artists. One where they can be secluded from the crowd if they wish to. You can set up a floating pontoon for live band use only. Then you can build a separate floating pontoon for the audience and booths if there are any.

Like the past events I discussed, safety is the most critical aspect of a floating pontoon event. Having tight security and platform barricades should be present at this event. It would also be best to limit or ban alcoholic beverages for a harm-free environment. Lastly, events like this should have quality pontoons that could withstand the weight and number of people they would be having. 


5. Boat shows

Lastly, you shouldn’t miss the event that truly belongs to the water. That is none other than boat shows. Just like sports, many people around the world are boat enthusiasts. People even say that boat shows are events that bind marine lovers from all around the world. It is indeed like a convention that celebrates the marine industry as well.

As an event planner, conventions can be one of the most exhausting event types that will challenge you. Since it is an event where almost every business in the marine and boating industry is present, the demands are undoubtedly beyond what one can imagine. 

Even though this is an event that is challenging for an event company, this is one that many enjoy. Boat enthusiasts get to know more about brands they’re unfamiliar with and never knew. Small to medium businesses get recognition and a chance to market their products and services. If you’re looking to host a floating event, a boat show is one that can challenge and help you improve your floating event ideas. 


Undoubtedly, floating events are more challenging and demanding than any typical event type. 

The five events I shared are just some of the many you can work on using a floating pontoon. Without any doubt, planning a floating event is more challenging and demanding than any event you have had before. But you know what they say if it is demanding, you’re probably doing something new that many haven’t done yet. And that certainly is what floating events are for now—to bring something new to the event table. 


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Walcon Marine Australia; a veteran in designing, manufacturing, supplying & installing quality floating marina systems for commercial and residential applications representing the Asia Pacific region.

Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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