5 Types of Wood Fencing

5 Types of Wood Fencing

Fencing Builders Dundee, Building your own wood fencing is a great way to save money. Professionals charge around $5,200 to install a wood fence, so you could save up to $1,200 by building it yourself. However, wood fencing is a difficult project, and you need to have good construction skills to build it well. Otherwise, you could struggle and end up with a bad fence.


If you are looking for wood fencing that is environmentally friendly, you should choose redwood over cedar. Unlike cedar, which needs 50 years to reach maturity, redwood takes only seven to eight years to mature. Additionally, redwood is more resistant to warping when exposed to moisture. Fencing Builders Dundee, This characteristic makes redwood the perfect choice for coastal areas, where cedar tends to swell and warp when exposed to moisture.

The natural oils and acids found in redwood and cedar make them repel moisture and keep termites away. These oils are also great for protecting wood against weathering and other external elements, and they also help to increase the longevity of your fence. Redwood is also denser than cedar, which protects it from splitting and weathering.


Pinewood is one of the most common materials for wood fencing. It is softer than hardwood, but is still stiff enough to provide a strong fence. It has a creamy white color and is easy to work with. It also has a long lifespan. Moreover, it is inexpensive compared to other materials, so homeowners can save money by using it for their fences.

However, it is important to consider the climate in your area when selecting lumber for your fence. Choosing the right wood for your region can help prevent decay and provide a durable fence. Also, you need to be aware of the insect infestation risks of the wood species you choose. Fencing Builders Dundee, Termites and other insects can cause damage to the wood, so it is crucial to choose a wood species that has natural repellent and pressure-treatment properties.


Cedar wood fencing is an excellent choice for homeowners who are interested in a natural, aesthetically pleasing fence. Its natural scent is appealing to many homeowners, and it’s also a very long-lasting option for a fence. Compared to pressure-treated pine, cedar wood fences can last up to 25 years without maintenance.

If you want to maintain your cedar fence for years to come, you should apply a high-quality stain and sealer. This will increase the fence’s longevity, but it will also dull its natural appearance. It’s important to choose an oil-based stain, as this will resist the UV radiation from the sun. Also, look for a semi-transparent stain that will help reduce the fading and splintering caused by the sun.


Cypress wood fencing is one of the most durable types of wood you can use for your property fence. It is also very resistant to pests and insects. It grows naturally in the Southeast, which makes it a good choice for Florida’s climate. The wood of cypress trees is dense, with tight fibers. Since the wood is naturally resistant to insects, pests will not bother it too much. If you’d like to protect your fence from these pesky creatures, you can treat it with insecticide.

Cypress is a fast-growing, evergreen tree. This makes it more durable than cedar or most types of pine. The wood is also remarkably resistant to rot. Fencing Builders Dundee, This means that cypress fences can last for years, even in very wet environments. If you paint or seal them, you’ll be able to extend their lifespan, as well. Furthermore, cypress is naturally resistant to fungi, so it won’t develop mold or rot. This makes it a good choice for backyards with fruit trees, since it’s highly resistant to both insects and mildew.

Miura Board

There are many benefits to using Miura Board for wood fencing. For one, it is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to wood. In addition, it is 100% USA-made. As a result, you can be assured of long-lasting success, wherever you decide to install it.

One other advantage of Miura Board is its superior performance. When compared to wood, this composite fencing material is much easier to maintain and lasts longer. In contrast to wood, Miura Board fences don’t need to be painted every few years or repaired regularly. They can last as long as 20 years or longer. And because wood can be subject to many environmental factors, the composite fence will far outperform its natural counterpart.

White oak

White oak fencing is a beautiful, rustic option for enclosing your property. Fencing Builders Dundee, Not only is it durable, it is also safe for children and pets. Unlike some other types of wood, it requires minimal maintenance. Depending on the size and style you choose, you can choose from traditional rail and post or panel fencing. Both options come with pre-attached hardware and a rail every 24 feet. Prices for rail and post fencing include 1x6x8 oak rails, screws, and hardware for fence panels.

Unlike red oak, which is susceptible to rot, white oak is extremely resistant to water. It can last up to two decades when properly cared for. However, because white oak grows slowly, it can be difficult to find high quality material. You can find reclaimed white oak in a variety of different suppliers, and be sure to ask about their provenance and quality control measures before making a final decision.

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