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6 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Tools in 2021 and Beyond

Intending to get familiar with your clients’ encounters? Thinking about what Customer Satisfaction Survey Tools?

Truth: Customer overviews are an optimal technique to find out about your client encounters, and draw in your userbase.

In any case, here’s the trick: To uncover such experiences, you should utilize a committed internet-based overview apparatus fit for gathering criticism and conveying the bits of knowledge you look for.

We have a profound knowledge of it; when we began building Feedsocio, we needed to make a consumer loyalty overview device zeroed in essentially on SaaS organizations. Being a SaaS business ourselves, we had an unmistakable comprehension of the battles looked at by programming as-a-administration new companies in their beginning phases.

So if you’re a SaaS creator and you’ve recently begun exploring the consumer loyalty programming available, read on!

6 Customer Satisfaction Survey Tools for SaaS

#1. Purifier

Purifier – full disclaimer: this is our apparatus – is the finished consumer loyalty overview stage for SaaS. With Refiner, you can run NPS and CSAT overviews, and star evaluations, use skip rationale, and lead a huge load of other examinations that will assist you with further developing client support and fulfillment.

Purifier permits you to send limitless inquiries, and utilize different inquiry types including rating and various decision questions.

The purifier doesn’t offer a free form. Be that as it may, you can look over three paid adaptations, conveying all the usefulness you’d have to run powerful consumer loyalty overviews.

(NOTE: Later in this guide we will show you how Refiner piles face different devices we depict here.)

#2. Satismeter

Satismeter is devoted to gathering NPS scores, basically, and zeros in additional on the endeavor end of the market.

The organization offers a fundamental toolset for running an NPS review, and the capacity to look and feel the study.

Satismeter incorporates Salesforce, Shopify, and different stages through Zapier.

#3. Pleased

Pleased is a somewhat further developed instrument than Satismeter. Aside from NPS, the apparatus likewise permits you to get Customer Satisfaction and Customer Effort scores.

Pleased likewise offers more usefulness than Satismeter and an entire scope of valuable mixes.

#4. Feedsocio

Feedsocio is one of the best customer feedback survey software Allows you to collect product ideas, feedback, and insights with an easy interface to browse. Consumers can provide feedback and participate in voting for any idea. There are different sections to browse ideas, roadmap, and announcements.

#5. Wootric

Wootric is another further developed consumer loyalty study apparatus, permitting you to run NPS, CSAT, and Customer Effort Score overviews. The apparatus can likewise screen client experience across the whole purchaser’s excursion, to convey better client experience criticism.

#6. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an across-the-board answer for different sorts of client experience research. From consumer loyalty overviews, and brand and representative experience bits of knowledge, to item encounters, Qualtrics offers an entire scope of examination capacities.

What elements are significant in a SaaS consumer loyalty study instrument?

We accept that a CSAT overview device ought to have a base arrangement of elements to truly give SaaS organizations perceivability into the main client measurements.

So here are our must-have highlights:

CSAT studies – Standard inquiries and the likelihood to tweak them on a case-by-case basis.

CES and NPS overviews – The two are flat-out must-haves of any study stage to give you the full picture and assist you with understanding what your clients like and abhorrence about your SaaS item.

In-application and site studies – Your clients are bound to answer to in-application miniature overviews than to email or site polls.

Spreading rationale to have the option to section your client base and study just unambiguous clients.

Division by client qualities and ways of behaving, to customize your client overviews.

One-off and repeating overview choices, so you have some control over who sees the inquiries and when.

A revealing dashboard that permits you to channel and section your information, or combinations with an examination instrument.

Combinations with promoting computerization device, to decrease the manual work associated with setting off work processes because of the criticism got.

Marking choices or white name prospects, to give the review gadgets your image’s look and believe and keep up with consistency.

Also, here are some great to-have highlights for CSAT devices:

  • Star and heart evaluations
  • Dynamic CTAs
  • Various slide-in places
  • Limitation choices
  • Facilitated overview pages
  • Email or Slack notices
  • Page visit triggers
  • Time-based triggers
  • Email inserting choices
  • Downloadable products
  • Various colleagues

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