6 ideas for adding add-ons to enhance the design of your custom boxes

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The packaging industry has grown to its highest point. Did you have any idea? Manufacturers in the UK invest $50 billion in product packaging each year. This is equivalent to 10 % of the cost, on average. Packaging items have a significant role in the sale of any product. However, in this fierce market, everyone uses custom boxes to protect their goods and make their products look attractive.

The issue to be tackled is how can a container be made more attractive? Try something new! Make customized boxes for your products. You may think that they’ll appear like regular boxes in the end. The custom-designed boxes will allow you to design custom boxes. To add elegance to the packaging of your products, you can add ons. These are additional personalization options that are not available on standard boxes or boxes available in most stock.

In this article, we will look at six mind-blowing ideas for adding accessories that will enhance the look and appearance of boxes. You can select die-cutting hot foil paste, sleeve, and tear strips hanging a hang tab or inserts. Standard packages are turned into beautiful boxes using these extras


Imagine an exquisite item packed in a box that is ruined inside a sealed box. The consumer will only realize that the product is elegantly inside the box once they have opened the box. Putting a die-cut window or designs on these custom boxes will receive the perfect solution to showcasing your product’s quality.

Die-cutting is a method to create a PVC window within the box. What can put the PVC window at the top of the boxes? Nowadays, boxes have diagonal windows, which is a recent trend. Die-cutting is also a possibility to cut any shape that you want, giving an attractive and distinctive design for your box. Even die-cutting of your brand’s logo or names on boxes is possible for an elegant appearance. Die-cutting can be applied to nearly every type of product.

Hot foil stamping

Are you seeking to create an identity for your boxes for products? Hot foil stamping is the solution to the needs. Stamping with hot foil is of various types. Each offers a distinct and appealing design. The possibilities to use hot foil can be found below, along with an explanation of their appearance.

  1. Stamping with pattern-patterned foil this kind of foil features intricate geometric patterns glued to the boxes, creating an appropriate design.
  2. Stamping with flat foil paste is transparent and enhances the colours of the print made in the box.
  • Glassy foil printing Glossy foil stamping is transparent, but when applied to the custom boxes, it creates a shiny look.
  1. Metal foil stamping has various colours for metallic aluminum foil available to be pasted onto boxes. The foil may be stamped with the logo, company name, or even completely over the boxes to give it a stunning appearance.
  2. Rainbow foil stampings are apparent by the name; this foil can add different shades to your boxes and create a range of shades.
  3. Foil stamping with holographic effects The illusion is created by the foils being glued onto the boxes. The boxes get the appearance of depth.


If getting the interest of your client is the main goal and you want to impress them, then sleeves are the perfect solution to your needs. Sleeve boxes are made up of two parts that are distinct from one another. The first is the outer part, and the other is the drawers. These boxes are examples of next-level customization and are among the most elegant designs.

The sleeve box is constructed out of a firm material, which is why it can keep your items safe and attractive. The boxes can be printed with offset or digital printing. This feature can enhance your product and be a sign of a top-quality product. The sleeves typically use to store jewellery or other exclusive items like electronic gadgets.

Tear strip

Making it more straightforward for your customers will help them draw to you. A tear-strip on the boxes makes it simpler for anyone to open them. This makes the opening process more convenient. Tear strips typically use for cereal, chocolate, and detergent boxes.


Hang-tab is an add-on to the structural design that is an uncut portion in the boxes. Hang tabs made from plastic and then glued or placed in the boxes. The custom boxes adorn with holes at the top to allow them to hang on the counter for display. A box with a cut window and a hang tab would undoubtedly draw the customers’ attention.


Protection and proper presentation are all an item needs to sell. Inserts add-ons accomplish both duties of protecting the product and displaying it appropriately. Inserts also print. It could be the design or information about the product Inserts made from foam, cardboard or even plastic they can partition by inserts, which creates a divide between the different items in the box. Support inserts that stand up help hold the item inside it from both angles and keeps it upright within the box. These protect delicate perfume bottle boxes, special product boxes, and electronic gadgets.


The boxes form the first contact with customers. Therefore any brand on the market should be able to put all effort into their packaging boxes. What can accomplish this by adding add-ons to your customized boxes? Each add-on has its specific functions that make the product appear attractive and attractive. Add-ons provide style and convenience, while the others offer security. Adding these ideas to boxes is similar to expressing affection and love for the product and improving the product’s appearance.

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