6 Tips to Write Impeccable English Essays

Tips to Write Effective English Essays Writing

English essays are the ones where a student gets to showcase most creativity. There is no limitation of topics, no subject specifications, and no limited stance. All of these together make English Essay Homework Help way easier than any other subject-related essay.

But then, a major issue about writing English essays is that you need to master the writing style and skills. Else you won’t be able to generate a quality essay worth mentioning.

But need not worry. Here I bring a few tips to help you with better essay writing.

Have a glance at them –

  1. Enhance your vocabulary –

A good vocabulary is very important for writing interesting and impactful English essays. But, to be honest, it is nearly impossible to know all the words in the world. So then what can be done? First, you can maintain a notebook, the vocabulary notebook, where you keep a note of every new word you learn alongside its meaning.

But wait! That is not the end. Only writing it and then forgetting it won’t help. You won’t, of course, keep turning the pages of the notebook every time you write a Homework Writer. For that, you have to go through the notebook on a regular basis. This is the traditional way of enhancing vocabulary. Besides this you can also do things like reading more English books, watching movies and observing the usage of words. For today’s generation, it is an excellent way of learning new words because all of you are into binge-watching.

  1. Dig in deep –

Before you begin writing an essay, never skip the research part. No matter how confident you are about the topic, make sure that you are doing research on the same. You never know some aspect of the topic might be unknown to you. Digging deep into the topic and referring to trusted sources can provide you with a plethora of information. Which, in return, you can use to make your essay adequately informative.

But here, one thing to be careful about is that make sure you take references from reliable sources only. Today in the era of the internet, students get access to an overwhelming number of resources. But you have to be a bit careful about the authenticity of those sites.

  1. Entice the reader –

If your essay is blunt, no reader will read it with interest. It might be even so that they do not read your essays till the end. I am sure that is not what you want. So, engage your readers from the beginning to the end. You have to include information that will make the reader want to read more. Also, a lot depends on the stance of the essay. For example, if you are writing an entertainment essay, you have to make sure some humorous elements; otherwise, it won’t justify the genre. Similarly, when you narrate a story through your essay, you must implement certain storytelling skills in your writing. To sum up, you have to make sure that the essay is not monotonous to read. In a way, it must be interactive.

  1. You have to be grammatically correct.

There is no exception in this case. Other criteria can be excuses to a certain extent, but grammatical and spelling errors can not be. Make sure that your essay is free of both. If required, use the online tools that help you maintain these criteria.

Actually, grammatical and spelling errors disrupt the reading experience. One or two of such mistakes can be excuses, but more of them cannot be. If found in excess, it will highly impact the scores, and also, it will create a very bad impression on the reader. So why take such a huge risk? Also, today, many tools are there to help you avoid any such problem. Make the best use of them and ensure that your essay is flawless.

  1. Keep a clear stance

Be careful that you are not confusing your readers. There is no need to use complex metaphors and difficult words. Keeping it simple and yet impactful is the key to writing great essays.

Often students have this concept that using some idioms and metaphors impresses the readers. It does. There is no doubt about it. But only till then when readers can relate. If the readers fail to decipher it, how do you expect them to understand what you are trying to tell?

So be a little careful about your choice of words and phrases.

  1. Avoid plagiarism at any cost.

Plagiarism is a big-time NO for good essays. If you are referring to some sources for information, use them only as your reference. Do not copy-paste information from them. This damages your impression as a writer to a huge extent. If by any chance the reader deciphers that the information has been simply copied, they choose to not read the essay any further, and also, they doubt all the hard work you have put into it.

So, it should already be very clear that even one line of plagiarism can ruin the entire piece of work.

First of all, if you are taking any information from a particular site, please include proper references and citations. Or else make sure to paraphrase the information you receive to avoid a 1% chance of plagiarism.

To be double sure, you can check your essay through online plagiarism checking tools and remove any plagiarised content, if present.


Parting Thoughts

Writing an essay is no rocket science. And writing impeccable essays is just a matter of careful strategy. The tips mentioned above are tried and tested, and the world’s best educators confirm the same. Hence, follow the above-mentioned tips to write an essay of quality and impress your evaluator in a breeze.

About the author

John Millar, a former university professor, has very recently joined the team of English experts at He is very efficient at her job and loves talking to students and addressing their problems. However, she is best known for providing assessment answers.

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