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7 Best Tips to Boost Post-Holiday Sales in 2022

The closing week of December and January may be a sluggish time for stores and different companies. But it needn’t be, mainly if you may leverage vacation income.

1. Include a Discount Coupon or Gift Card 

Offer clients with an appealing cut price on a destiny buy that turns on to 4 weeks after their preliminary transaction,” shows Geoff Beers.

Search engine marketing specialist, Sunglass Hut. “It is an outstanding manner to get humans to lower back into the shop throughout decreasing visitor periods.”

Giving vacation clients a present card closer to a January buy can gain your enterprise gift and destiny.

“Not best does imparting a present card incentivize buy throughout the vacations.

 However, this tactic additionally encourages repeat buying throughout the sluggish January time.

Its brief redemption window creates urgency,” says Linda Bustos, Director of Ecommerce Research at eCommerce company Elastic Path Software.

“Returning clients generally spend extra than face value,” she adds. And even “in the event that they don’t use the card, it facilitates you compete throughout the cut-throat aggressive season.”

As for away a lot of a discount or cut-price to provide, the professionals say among 10 and 20% off a buy, or a $10 or $20 present card, is a great incentive to get consumers returning for your shop — or get new clients, who’ve been referred via way of means of a customer.

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2. Keep Efforts Going

Too many stores make the error of reducing their email, search, marketing and marketing, PR, and social media efforts whilst Christmas comes and goes, says Mike Sprouse, CEO & President, of Sprouse Marketing Group.

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3. Thanks, Customer, and Give Them Deals

Send clients who bought throughout the vacation season a [follow-up] thank-you email highlighting distinct offers or focused offers for a distinct duration.

4. Run a Fun Post-Holiday Contest

Offer everyone who enters something.

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5. Recoup Sales from Abandoned Shopping Carts

 The latest look at what we did with Bronto exposed a few key matters you may do to seize that income” says Jimmy Duvall.

Buyers often use the cart to shop for objects they plan to shop for later or to view and purchase on every other device. Many even use the cart as a want list

“We additionally observed that maximum consumers count on to be contacted approximately about their deserted buy — and that a unique provider to finish the acquisition is welcome,” Duvall says.

“If you’re capable of seizing an email to cope with on deserted carts, you need to have a certified pool of consumers to the marketplace to and hold your income momentum-shifting after the vacations,” Duvall says.

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6. Use Social Media

.“Reward clients for being connected [with] social-best incentives,” says Donna Pahel, director of virtual advertising and marketing & e-commerce approach at EPiServer.

A company of virtual advertising and marketing and e-commerce solutions. Oftentimes, a reduction for Facebook pals or Twitter followers “can be leveraged extra correctly and correctly than revealed coupons, direct mail, etc.” 

Ex: In Festival time We create Hanukkah sales posters and run social media campaigns  to grab people’s attention and it helps us to increase sales by 30% 

7. Bump up your Remarketing Efforts. 

“Use retargeting to capitalize on the large influx of traffic that eCommerce companies often see over the holidays,” suggests Corey Post, founder of Agile Leverage, a digital content agency.

“Serve ads to past visitors based upon their location in the conversion funnel,” he says. “And if they already made a purchase from you, promote complementary products.”


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