7 Major Benefits Of E-Learning For Students

7 Major Benefits Of E-Learning For Students

Gone are the days where teachers are delivering lectures in the classes and students are listening or noting down. The internet has changed every industry significantly. And education industry is not an exception. Perhaps, there was a need for change in the monotonous routine. With the invention of computerized systems, automation is at its peak. But there was no replacement for the traditional classroom-led method until the innovation of e-learning. E-learning or electronic learning is the advanced way of delivering knowledge, and training using digital resources. Although the basic concept of learning is the same in both methods, the resources are different. This will eliminate the boundness to location, and time.

E-learning comes with several benefits for teachers as well as students.


Forget the geographical boundaries and enjoy the pure essence of learning with the help of e-learning. Accessibility to the system from anywhere is the biggest advantage of the e-learning method. Shifting to another country is a costly affair and not everyone can afford it. But, with e-learning, students from any corner of the world can get desired education with the help of the internet. Also, it is more than a boon for the students who are not able to attend classes due to physical or physiological conditions.

Access to vast contents

The traditional learning method uses resources like textbooks, reference books in some cases, and workbooks for learning. A good quality material may be available that can help students to clear their fundamentals but it is not accessible in the traditional method. Online classroom software which is connected to the internet opens the doors of the ocean of information. It can make the process of learning practical and fact-based. There are numerous e-content available like e-books, audio, videos, and PPTs. These all can contribute to learning the subject in a very interactive way.

Also, the traditional way of learning is mostly based on yellow, cornered old textbooks with outdated information. As it is not possible to update the syllabus every time, the curriculum remains old. In e-learning platforms, the content is always updated. These platforms help learners to harmonize with the world and fit for the current and future.

Self-paced learning and flexibility

In the traditional way of learning, students are bound to strict timetables. Many students may find it unsuitable thing to stick to the timetable. With e-learning, students don’t need to attend sessions physically and they can learn things at their own pace.

Many students suppress their doubts in classroom-led learning. Teachers do not give much flexibility. Also, complex subjects require an extra level of dedication and focus. But, in the classroom-led method, lectures are of fixed timings and students need to grasp the subject within this limited time only. This hurdle is removed in the digital learning method. Students can play and rewind the lectures until they are clear with the concepts using online classroom software.

Eco-friendly solution

School is a quite big place for paper usage. A lot of paper is wasted in form of notebooks, exam papers, textbooks, worksheets. With the digitalized solution, paper usage is almost zero. Textbooks are in e-books, exams are e-exams, so the need for paper is reduced significantly. Eventually, e-learning is a great eco-friendly solution that helps to save nature.

Multiple assessments and rapid result

One of the major drawbacks of classroom-led learning methodology is the prolonged exams and waiting for the result declaration. This is not the case in the online learning method. Students can appear for multiple assessments and results are sent to the students immediately after the exam is over. Students need to rehearse with a new form of exams before appearing for the exams.

Interactive and more engaging

Students generally become bored when the tutors are delivering lectures in a monotonous way. Only verbal or textual interaction make the process less engaging. On the other side, virtual classroom software enables students to view, listen to, and understand concepts through various mediums like videos, PPTs, and audio files. HD videos related to complex topics help students more easily. The entire process of learning in digitalized form is much more engaging than the traditional way of learning.

Solve teacher scarcity

In rural regions and even some parts of urban, schools have a shortage of experienced teachers. The process of learning may stop for some students. Though online cannot replace the role of a teacher on an entire basis, it can work as a replacement so that the education process must go on. The course of e-learning is created and compiled by experienced teachers; they can serve multiple kids in attracting the kids toward education.

E-learning opens doors to the modern way of learning. Although digitalized learning cannot replace traditional learning completely, this is sure to become an essential aspect for new-age learners.

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