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7 Reasons – Class 6 To 8 Students Prefer Tuition From Class Teacher!!

Over the past few years, the Indian education system has seen the trend of coaching centres. Coaching or tuition plays a pivotal role in a student’s life to gear up knowledge and understanding the concepts more than what they used to learn at school in a polished way. 

To pass the examination with flying colours, students ring the doorbell of the class teacher to fill the gap between their studies and excellent score. A sense of security generates in the student when he starts taking tuition from their class teacher. Only the teacher knows the proper use of NCERT Solutions textbooks.

Classes from 6th to 8th are called middle school or secondary education, where a student recognizes his conscious with different subjects. This transition led many students to start falling behind in performance. In schools, teachers also don’t have sufficient time to give academic guidance to every child.

Why do Class 6th to 8th Students need Coaching from Class Teachers?

1. Large Class Strength

When competition is on ace, everyone tries to be exceptional and perform well in the examination. Due to massive strength in the class, the student does not get proper attention & guidance. On the other hand, teachers or faculty waste their precious time disciplining students. So it would be necessary for students to opt for tuition to get a conducive learning environment for study.  

2. Competitive Pressure

Increasing competition and much expectation from the parents influence peer pressure on the students. Parents want their offspring to perform well in academics, so they try to provide all required for their child to reach the pinnacle. Students do not understand much and refer to various reference books that will help them NCERT te Without taking any introductory statistics on their offspring’s intelligence level, they force them to take tuition, hoping it will smooth the student’s academic learning.

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3. Personalized Studies   

However, every student has a different learning ability. Weak students get personalized guidance to score better in the examination. Teachers use other learning techniques and strategies in coaching or tuition or even change their teaching patterns to ensure better learning outcomes for the weak students.

4. Teacher Know the Syllabus

Students prefer to get tuition from their class teacher because they believe the teacher knows the syllabus and can guide them according to the exam. They think it would help them to improve their grading. Getting tuition from the class teacher increases your interaction in coaching and school. 

5. Performance of the Student

The class teacher has a clear vision of your performance. He is the better one to know your academic report card. You will get undivided attention and routine discipline that encourage you to perform excellently in the examination. Students think that getting personalized tuition from class teachers burden off their shoulders from academic stress.

6. Get Importance in the Class

Most of the students take tuition from the class teacher to get attention in the class. They think it will create a unique image in front of others as we discussed that taking private tuition from a teacher who is a class teacher in your school helps you score maximum marks in the examination. Today, taking coaching is a matter of status. If you take coaching, you are fantastic, especially if you take tuition from the school teacher.

7. Disciplined Routine

As you approach the senior classes from class 6th to class 8th, maintaining a polished, disciplined routine in school is necessary. Enrolling in private tuition to the class teacher help you to make a proper routine which is mandatory to make your future bright.

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In the competitive world, getting tuition from professional teachers is necessary, but also it is not essential to get tuition from the class teacher. The teacher indeed gives you excellent marks although you give money to the teacher. But do you ever think about the future? The same teacher is not going to assess your examination paper and academic skill. 

So parents should analyze their children and choose what is best for them instead of turning a blind eye to the intellectual level of their offspring. 

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