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7 reasons to start swimming

Impossible to imagine yourself locked in a gym now in the summer. This is not a reason to give up your gym. You can start something different that fits the season. The sea and the pool are a tempting choice for anyone who does not want to be locked in again within the 4 walls, running on the treadmill and lifting weights, looking at the wall or the mirror of the gym. Do not forget that you live in a country where a beach is rarely far away. You can, therefore, fine to continue your training with your regular visit to the beach or to the nearest swimming pool with lifeguard training near me.

Is swimming equal to exercising in the gym?

You may not imagine it, but by swimming, you can achieve the same good result that you would have by going to the gym. So by going to the beach instead of sitting lying down and sweating on the lounger from the heat, you could take advantage of the moment and swim as long as you have the mood and appetite to do so. Without measuring distances and times that limit you and stress you out. Water, being one of the 4 basic elements of nature, you can take advantage of it now that it is summer and relax in it through exercise. And only you will dive and you will barefoot walk-in the sand, you will feel that the “weight” and stress of everyday life leave your head and your feet, as this contact with nature and water will make you feel lighter.

So here are some important reasons to start swimming:

1. It is an easy exercise for everyone, regardless of their age or weight

A human body weighs about 90% less in water than on land. Take advantage of the game of buoyancy and exercise easily by improving your physical condition by swimming or doing exercises in the water. Exercising in the water is also an ideal choice for any overweight or obese person, as he will find that he does not get tired while exercising in the water and has much better management of his body during exercise.

2. It can help you lose weight and strengthen

If this is your goal, you should look for something more enhanced than just swimming. You’ve probably heard of Aqua Aerobic. If you have not joined a special program, you can even do exercises in the water on your own, taking advantage of the water resistance with your hands and feet. There are many accessories for the arms and legs, which can help you make the exercises more difficult, for a faster result for slimming and strengthening.

3. It is ideal for repairing injuries

In the water the vibrations are zero. It is no coincidence that in rehabilitation centers after surgeries or after serious injuries, they apply special exercises in the water, which are ideal for the patient to recover and get stronger faster. So take advantage of the water for the problem with your waist, your sore knees or even for any other musculoskeletal problem, always with the advice of the orthopedist who will have examined you and under the guidance of the specialist therapist who has undertaken your rehabilitation.

4. Exercises all the muscles in your body at the same time

Exercise in water is one of the few forms of exercise that exercises all the muscles at the same time safely due to the buoyancy. Swimming or doing exercises in the water literally exercises 90% of your muscles.

5. You increase your burning and activate your metabolism

With 30 minutes of moderate swimming, you can burn 250-300 calories. Also, such a form of intense exercise can activate the metabolism for 1 to 2 days, so within normal limits we would say that the more you swim, the more burns you will have.

6. Exercise in water helps to strengthen the lungs

Swimming is the ultimate aerobic activity and during it there is more control of the breath compared to onshore sports. The lungs require more oxygen to work the muscles. This is why swimming improves cardiorespiratory endurance. The largest volume of oxygen received by the lungs during exercise. The more oxygen you inhale, the better the oxygenation in the blood, while there is better perspiration and oxygenation in your muscles.

7. It is considered a holistic exercise

Water, in combination with exercise in it, can exercise you physically, offer you health and wellness as it is also a natural anxiolytic. This is because the body secretes endorphins, the hormones of happiness that relieve the anxiety of daily stress. The combination of exercise and contact with nature is a way to relax physically and mentally, forgetting the problems of everyday life.

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