7 Things to Check Before Renting a Warehouse in Dubai

Stock is an investment that plays a significant role in your company. If anything, this proves that your warehouse is your most valuable asset. Renting a warehousing Dubai is therefore not something that should be done casually. However, the fact that Dubai has a wide range of rental possibilities is helpful if you’re trying to hire one there. So, before you act, be aware of your options, take your time, and consider all the options.

It might be time to think about renting warehouse space if you are an established business owner in the UAE with a successful company and products that are flying off the shelves. Customer loyalty is a changing objective that can’t be fixed with a single tactic. The only way to guarantee that a firm thrives is to meet the constantly rising expectations of customers, and this includes order processing on a daily basis.

With advantages like flexibility, scalability, and inventory management options, renting warehouse space enables you to increase distribution activities while concentrating on your core skills. The ideal strategy for investigating rental prospects is to do so only after taking a number of important variables into account because renting a warehousing Dubai constitutes a sizable financial and logistical commitment.

Two warehouse workers walking in distribution storage area discussing about logistics and organization

  1. Calculate Storage Consumption

The logistic companies Dubai require the warehouse for storing their products. Some landlords can start measuring from outside the warehouse and charge you for the space beneath the drip lines. It is crucial to understand the method used to measure the area. You ought to also inspect the warehouse’s vertical space.

Consider hiring a warehouse with a higher roof if you intend to stock things or boxes that might take up vertical space. On the other hand, you can hire a different storage facility rather than paying for the entire space if your merchandise won’t be taking up any vertical space.

  1. Know The Zoning

Zones for urban expansion and development are established on the land in every municipality. The kinds of establishments and buildings that are permitted are specified by these zones. Verify if the industrial or warehouse property is zoned for the use you intend. Industrial lease rates can be less expensive, but the landlord must be prepared to request a zoning amendment if someone wishes to utilize the property for retail.

  1. Parking Area

It is yet another crucial factor to take into account before leasing a warehousing Dubai. Deliveries are often sent and received by warehouses. The cars must be parked, sometimes for hours, while the loading and unloading process is taking place. It is crucial to have a designated parking place with easy access for huge cars. Naturally, warehouse workers also need parking for their cars in Dubai. You should also take into account the shift schedules since night shift workers might need overnight parking facilities.

  1. Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning 

The majority of warehouses lack a complete HVAC system. Usually, if the renters desire it, they install it on their own. You can find yourself renting a property with an HVAC system that was installed by the previous renter. You can work out a deal with the owner to maintain the current HVAC system. Obtain an expert evaluation of the current system and request that the owner pays for any necessary repairs.

  1. Operating Expenses

Knowing the operational costs is a crucial step in our approach to renting a warehouse in Dubai. You need to be fully informed of the costs you are responsible for, such as taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. If it is stated in the contract, you will be liable for any such expenses.

You need to be aware of the ongoing expenses and who will be responsible for cleaning and rubbish disposal. The first thing you should do is look for a place that can meet all of your needs. You can choose the location with the cheapest price once you have reduced the options.

  1. Location

The location of every firm is crucial. You should take into account a location that is good for warehouses and is close to major highways. In addition, the location of the warehouse might be close to places with several restaurants and food stores so the staff can conveniently collect their supplies.

Another factor to take into account is the workers’ commute. The warehouse should ideally offer parking for private automobiles and be reachable via Dubai’s public transportation system. A greater understanding of the real estate market in the area can help determine the rent for the property.

  1. Security

Without discussing security, our guide on leasing a warehousing Dubai wouldn’t be complete. Safety is crucial because you’ll probably be keeping a lot of expensive products at the warehouse. Consider renting a warehouse with fencing to deter thieves from breaking inside the building. Additionally, confirm that it is safe to commute there. You might also favor warehouses that have guards patrolling often and CCTV monitoring.

Legal Obligations For Renting A Warehouse In Dubai

To avoid any legal issues, it is critical for all businesses, whether they are new or established, to comprehend and adhere to legal standards. You must possess a current trade license in order to be qualified to rent any business unit in Dubai. You should also have all of your documentation on hand before renting a commercial property in Dubai. Among the documents are, but not restricted to:

  • Proof of business ownership
  • Status of the property
  • Premises conform to existing plans
  • Permits are required to use the property.

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