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8 Reasons Why Node.js is Good for Developing Enterprise Apps

In the competitive era we live, businesses need to take quick action. This is why they need to create flexible solutions which are fast and safe as well. This ensures they can stay relevant. Hence when it comes to building apps for their enterprise, they look for tools to assist them in this pursuit. Currently, if there is a tech stack recommended to ascertain that these aspects are easy to achieve, it is Node.js

So what are enterprise apps, after all? In simple words, they are solutions that help to automate the management of complex activities like critical business processes, tracking performance, etc.

To ascertain these activities get performed seamlessly, you must use the appropriate tech stack. This is where Node.js enters, which I discussed in the earlier lines.

About Node.js

Released in 2009, Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment known for running on a JavaScript Engine and executing the JavaScript code outside a web browser. This is in the quest to develop easy-to-scale network apps.

Alongside the flexibility they provide in developing scalable network apps, they also assist in server-side programming and running JavaScript on the server.

So now you know a little about the tech stack. Let’s get hands-on with the features they contain that make Node.js recommended for enterprise app development.

Features of Node.js

Node.js constitutes the following features that make it perfect for enterprise app development.

  • Is single-threaded. Therefore, it becomes easy to handle multiple requests at the same time. All it demands is memory and kernel capacity. With successful ownership of the two, processing those requests become a cakewalk.
  • Allows asynchronous programming. This allows asynchronous events to have execution performance done independently of the main program flow. This goes on to support and help them to continue processing requests seamlessly.
  • Owns a huge NPM registry– Containing over 190,000 modules which keep growing daily, it becomes simple for developers to use them on the go as per project requirements.
  • Reusable RESTful APIs. This makes it seamless to build large-scale software systems by APIs so handling large volumes of data is easy.

Knowing the features that encourage developers to channel Node.js to build enterprise apps, let’s now understand the reasons it is a good idea to make use of Nodejs development services, if not done yet.

8 Reasons Why Node.js is a Yes for Enterprise Apps

Want to channel the use of Node.js to build enterprise apps? Find out the top reasons to understand this aspect in detail.

1. Accelerates Development

Node.js is easy to learn. Hence, Java and .NET developers can comprehend it faster. Based on JavaScript, developers can seamlessly use the tech stack for managing the app’s front and back end.

Simultaneously, the run-time environment provides flexibility to developers to reuse codes, access developer tools, and so on, so that debugging is easy to perform.

2. Reduces Ownership Costs

Due to a wide array of open-source tools and libraries available in the tech stack, apart from the support developers provide, the learning curve gets reduced significantly.

Hence, the time to market for the app and cost for development goes down considerably as well by a huge percentage thereby mitigating the requirement to learn different languages and skills.

3. Delivers Optimized Performance

Based on Google Chrome’s V8 run-time, the tech stack can easily work on multiple OS with quick loading time. Therefore, performance and security never get under the radar.

So if we have to explain this concept in a nutshell, the performance remains quick on the web and multiple connections are easy to manage, on the whole.

4. Possesses Microservices-Based Architecture

Check the image below:

nodejs architecture

Image source:

The image illustrates how micro-service architecture appears. This is something that Nodejs development services make possible.

This allows single-function module development to take place, and independent operations to occur thereafter within a neat user interface. All this in the end accelerates agility and DevOps, respectively.

5. Returns Data in JSON

JSON constitutes the most integral portion of JS. Hence, it does not demand the requirement of any parser.

It becomes easy to return the data to this portion and ensure data processing gets effortlessly performed.

6. Speeds Up Cross-Platform Development

Developing cross-platform apps is a cakewalk with Node.js. This is courtesy of platforms they have, such as Electron and NW.js.

Hence, it becomes easy to practice web app codes on the desktop version. Therefore, it becomes easy to build desktop apps too.

7. Eases Handling of Data Streams

Have a look at the image below.

nodejs streams

Image source:

Streams in simple language are a compilation of essential Node.js and data concepts so that accessible information is easy to handle.

This streamlines how data processing gets performed apart from making it simple to modify how transported data gets streamed.

If we have to segregate the streams Node.js contain, they are writable, readable, duplex, and transform. All these help reduce memory consumption drastically.

8. It is Future-Proof

Node.js is a JavaScript run-time environment that makes it easy to build scalable network apps seamlessly.

JavaScript has been there for a long; you can be sure that if you use the tech stack to build an enterprise app, your developers might not face challenges. This is because resources would be readily available for their perusal.

Wrapping Up

Node.js is a popular open-source run-time environment that Statista suggested gets used by 47.12% of developers in their projects. This is due to the support it provides in reducing the time for development, apart from making it easy to build real-time apps. In short, it is a blessing in disguise for enterprise app development purposes. So in case you are still in your thoughts or planning to use Nodejs development services to enterprise advantage- do it now. You can get in touch with a reliable Nodejs development company to get a robust app that will allow scalability and growth to be easily achievable alongside your returns to go up, right from the word GO.

Anita Shah

I am a project coordinator at XongoLab Technologies, a reputed mobile app development company specializing in building robust Android and iOS applications. As a hobby, I love to write informative articles and share my knowledge through content marketing.

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