9 Must have Features of School ERP Software

 The educational industry is revamping itself and adopting many new conventions. Many educational institutes are stretching themselves to make a global presence with the help of the latest technologies. The internet has redefined the norms and set high limits in every sector. Students of this millennial era are experts in the use of technology, they find it fascinating. No wonder this has attracted the school software manufacturers! School ERP software is the modern way of education that every school dreams to adopt. It is the perfect blend of the latest technology and the essence of learning.

School ERP software is a set of different core and complementary modules that automates the major functionalities of an educational institute. The single platform offers easy-to-use applications and brings new opportunities to set up new interaction values.

Here are some of the mandatory features of School ERP software:

Efficient management of the school

A school ERP is meant to reduce the workload of school staff on a primary basis. The reduced workload of school administrative staff makes the process resource-efficient. The automation of major activities like admissions, fee collection, and academic management reduces the overhead on the staff. The school ERP system not only manages but also streamlines the academic and non-academic activities.

Online fee collection platform

School fee collection is a crucial area for both parents and school administration. An efficient school ERP sends automatic reminders for the due date to parents’ registered mobile numbers. Also, parents don’t need to wait in long queues, instead, they can pay the fees using the online fee collection feature. The secure payment gateway makes the transactions secure and reliable.

The X-factor for enhanced learning

Integrating the internet with traditional learning to deliver an e-learning experience makes the box thinking. A school management software must have an e-learning feature to set up a new norm of learning.

Modern learning comprises the use of the internet and other mediums of learning rather than traditional book-based methods. The ability to play videos, audio, and PPTs in virtual classes makes e-learning more engaging and enjoyable. So, a school ERP system must have an X-factor for one step up learning removing the flaws of traditional learning.

Attendance management 

School attendance makes an impact on students’ overall performance. An effective attendance management system provides the facility to parents for viewing the ward’s profile, attendance, and timetable. Also, it will increase transparency with the school administration. As all this can be included in a school management app, parents can access it anytime, anywhere. The automatic attendance system works with biometric or RFID cards to make it more secure and unique.

Provision for interactive messaging

When an educational institute adopts a school management system, parents are connected with school administration through this common platform. Schools must be able to send important notifications and messages about fee dates, timetables, and exam schedules to parents and students. When embedded with the vehicle tracking system, a school ERP software uses this SMS sending feature for giving updates about the school bus, pick and drop, and delays in timings to parents’ mobile.

Separate login for everyone

Students, parents, and teachers must have separate login as their interest is different from each other. Using a single APP, parents must have the ability to see their ward’s academic progress, and attendance. Teachers must have access to the timetable, exam results, and attendance.

Role-specific dashboard

The school has different stakeholders and their roles are different. But there may be some common areas where two or more users may access the same information for different purposes. A well-designed school management software must provide data and service access for highly granular user control. This can help to increase accountability and restrict access to sensitive data.

Security and safety of information

An ERP system stores and processes chunks of data every day. An effective school ERP must have the necessary security features to protect this data from internal and external vulnerabilities. The system stores sensitive data like students’ personal information, bank details of parents, academic information like results, and exam papers. Loopholes in the system can give birth to non-favorable situations like hacking, and breaching. In any case, the data stored inside the system must be protected and prevented from unethical access.


The school ERP must have the ability to customize as per user requirements. Keeping the school logo and school name persistent, the other details like the theme should be able to customize.

A thoughtfully designed school management software connects parents, teachers, and school administration seamlessly. With its advanced features, it makes the institute is acknowledged globally. 

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