Wondering where to spend your honeymoon in Kerala, India? Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala you should absolutely visit.

1. Kumarakom is one of the famous spots in Kerala. There are several lakes here that are not only beautiful but also home to a number of migratory birds during winter. This is the perfect spot for couples who want to enjoy some really romantic moments with each other away from crowds or disturbance.
The white houseboats owned by Kumarakom Lake Resort give you a chance to live like royalty on water and enjoy an amazing view of backwaters through your window. The accommodations are all very beautiful, but the star of the show is the private pool that any couple can enjoy. The resort also offers special packages for couples, like intimacy packages that offer intimacy sessions to couples for a nominal price.

2. Kumarakom Lake Resort is not just about romantic nights; it has other attractions too. If you’re here during the day, there are adventure sports to enjoy at the lake’s water park and nature trails full of wildlife to see in the forests around Kumarakom Lake Resort.

3. Alappuzha is another place where you can spend your honeymoon in Kerala. This place has several ancient temples and churches to visit, watersports, beaches, and hotels to choose from. There are several luxury resorts in Alappuzha that offer couples a lot of privacy and comfort.

4. Backwaters are the perfect spot to spend your honeymoon in Kerala. The area around Varkala is famous for its calm, shallow waters that will make you feel like an episode of “Lost” was scripted right here. Do not forget to visit the famous St. Francis Church, Asia’s 1st Lighthouse Church, St. Theresa’s Church, and many other holy places near Varkala town that are worth seeing.

5. Kumarakom is also known as an island city, where tourists can enjoy beautiful beaches amidst beautiful locales full of heritage homes, restaurants, and other tourist attractions nearby.

6. Alleppey is another good spot for couples who want to enjoy their honeymoon in Kerala. Alleppey is known for these 3 items: Ayurveda, hanuman temple, and Hindu temples. The hanuman temple here is said to be the world’s 2nd largest Hanuman temple, with a massive idol of the monkey god at its center that can be seen from miles away. If you are into medicinal treatments or Ayurveda, Alleppey is your best bet for your honeymoon in Kerala.

7. Any hotel in Kovalam will prove to be amazing if you are looking for a location where to spend your honeymoon in Kerala. In fact, the beach at Kovalam is always packed with tourists during summer, and couples looking to enjoy their honeymoon in Kerala will not be disappointed with the location.

8. Pampakuda beach is known for its seclusion, peace, and tranquility. There are no other resorts here which mean it’s the perfect option if you want to spend your honeymoon in Kerala completely alone or with your partner.

9. Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin) has several places where couples can enjoy their honeymoons in Kerala. Kanyakumari is known as the southernmost tip of India and you can see this beautiful spot from your hotel room as there are several resorts near Kanyakumari with sea-facing rooms.

10. Stay at Alleppey and visit Kumarakom to enjoy your honeymoon in Kerala. This is an ideal trip if you want to discover both the backwaters and the lakes, visit temples and also see wildlife in nature reserves or go on an adventure far away from civilization.

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