A Guide For Concealed Carry Clothing

When you are licensed to carry a concealed weapon, you need to think carefully about your clothing. Most governments have specific laws about what is and is not concealed. There are, however, many options for clothing that might help you.

Concealed Carry Shirts

A new and popular choice is concealed carry shirts. These tight-fitting shirts allow you to put a gun in a specialized pocket to conceal it against your body allowing for an easy draw as long as you unbutton your shirt.

Concealed Carry Pants

There are pants specifically designed to conceal carry. Unlike shirts, concealed carry pants make carrying in your waistline easier. There are both interior and exterior options. With exterior options, you need to be careful that you do not reveal your firearm when bending over or moving. Since the gun is on your hip, you must also be very careful of your movements.

Concealed Carry Jackets

The easiest way to carry is with the use of concealment jackets. With these jackets, you can cover your weapon unless you take your jacket off. Unfortunately, a jacket is not always comfortable, particularly in hot climates.

Back Concealment Jackets

If you choose a jacket, you should factor in your firearm. There any many specially made jackets that conceal a shoulder holster or back hoster.

The most common is a suit designed with an extra pouch for a gun. It does not mess up the lines of the jacket. You will need to find a tailor that can make a concealed carry or concealment jacket for you. This is particularly true if you want your firearm concealed at your back.

No matter where you want to carry concealed, concealment jackets are the way to go, they are convenient. practical and there is no way of anyone knowing that you are carrying a firearm.

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