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A Guide to Game Development: 6 Steps You Should Know

A Guide to Game Development: 6 Steps You Should Know

As the gaming business adopts new technologies and becomes more accommodating to gamers, game creation is on the rise. The game production process is evolving for a variety of reasons, including as players get smarter and pursue careers in gaming.

A high-end game that keeps players motivated all the time involves several game development stages. 

The adoption of games by more players in 2021 led to a growth of the gaming sector of over 14.4%. Due to the rise in gaming interest among students and children, Asia has a greater density of gamers.

You must work along with a top-notch video game development company to create a fantastic game. However, out of the 3.2 billion players worldwide, 1.48 billion are in Asia.

What is The Game Development Pipeline?

The initial phase of game production is the game design document. To create a seamless and lag-free game, you must outline the game development process and flow.

A complete collection of guidelines offered to streamline the game production process is known as a game development pipeline. You define all of the game’s stages at this step of the production pipeline, which gives the game its overall form. You can envision and have a general notion of what the game will look like.

6 Different Stages of Game Development

To create a decent game that can capture players’ attention, game creators must put in a lot of effort and come up with fresh ideas.

Here are the six stages of a game development process. 

High Concept: 

This is how the game basically works. It is a very succinct description that requires you to break your idea into manageable pieces and organise them into a game. It is the most important and initial step in the pipeline for creating video games. You can work with a business that can create games for iOS and Android.

Before the writer starts writing, the designer starts designing, and the developer starts creating, the concept needs to have a surface. It is a crucial component of a video game; it is at this point that the game will begin to take shape.

In this stage, you will think about the following questions:

  • Will the game be 2D or 3D?
  • How many characters will it have?
  • Where and when does it take place?
  • What type of video game will come on the market?
  • Which platform are we building?


Here, you must present your idea succinctly and concisely in order to convey it with other ideas and their objectives. It’s also a time when you consider why expanding financially and commercially would be a wise move. It would be useful in convincing the appropriate businesses to fund your plan to create a high-end game.

Pitching is used to partner with other businesses and obtain funding from them; some illustrations of ideal partnerships include:

  • When engineers meet with writers, they explain the limitations of existing technology and what can and cannot be done.
  • To ensure the ideal graphics, colour schemes, and art styles are coordinated and uniform, designers and artists collaborate.
  • determine the game’s level of fun, the project manager speaks with a variety of individuals from various departments.
  • To summarise the story’s plot, writers meet with the project leads. They are making decisions regarding various game-related matters.


This is the link between the concept and the pitch. This is the section where you lay out and describe every facet of your game. You may help by defining demographics, taking the tale, performing a risk analysis, and providing a tonne of additional details. Your idea’s concept serves as its primary structural basis, and you must have one in order to create a top-notch game.

  • This stage entails the creation of the game’s skeleton, its foundation, or its design from the ground up. The argument in favour of this is that it directs you toward the primary task and minimises your problem to make the procedure simpler.

Game Design Document: 

This document covers every facet of gameplay and might even mention made-up elements of your product. A game development strategy and this design document would be beneficial. Unique and exceptional game designers are needed for mobile game creation.

  • It has long been accepted as the norm in the industry. The defences of the game design materials have started to appear more recently. Although there are several drawbacks to these arguments, this paper can be useful if done properly.


Building a prototype will enable you to establish the methods and approaches in which you’ll fully implement your idea, which is where you can excel. It is a great approach to explain your notion to someone or create a proof of concept while transforming your objectives into something more concrete.

When offering customers and gamers a top-notch game, prototype testing is essential.

These items may not be included owing to the testing phase.

  • Everything is rendered correctly on the screen.
  • Can a character walk through a wall or a locked environment? 
  • Are there any buggy areas or levels?
  • Can these features be used to exploit the game?
  • Permanent stocking of the character at a spot. 
  • The dialogue of the character is bland or stale. 


Design, level design, programming, and other aspects of production are included. In order to create a top-notch product, you must hire developers and assemble a fantastic team. To create a fantastic game, it would be beneficial if you combined your idea with Android game development companies.

Essential Tools for the Game Design and Development Process

The next major thing in technology is game development. Gamers no longer have to contend with outdated hardware and sluggish processing speeds. People now look forward to the gaming setups and environments to enjoy intensive gaming because of technological improvements.

There are numerous important and significant stages in the game development process. People are increasingly using gaming as their primary form of entertainment. Tools and programmers are both used in the game creation stages.

Here are a few of the resources a game development studio might use.


For a game on the current market, Unreal Engine 4 is a fantastic option. This tool has been a top option for Unreal Engine game creators since the first engine was released.

  • Unity:It is a developing and well-liked engine. Based on the needs of the game, Unity has a few advantages. The developing process is accelerated and made simpler by this engine. 
  • GameMaker: Gamemaker differs from the other engines on the list in that it does not require the use of a programming language.
  • Godot: This engine features a wide variety of frequently used components and tools and works flawlessly with both 2D and 3D engines.
  • Coding and programming: To create a high-quality gaming environment that can help you with your issues, coding is required.
  • GNU toolchain: The open-source version of Visual studio code is contained in this compiler. If you are creating your game in the Linux ecosystem, you can benefit from having more toolchains available.
  • Visual Studio: For the past 20 years, this application has been the preferred IDE among users. It supports a variety of editors, debuggers, and languages. 
  • C++, Java, and Web language: A huge video game creation organisation needs to know how to programme. Assume you are proficient in C++, the building block of all programming languages. If you believe that creating games for browsers requires knowledge of many types of codes, then you are incorrect.

    When it comes to the world of programming languages, Java is just as well-liked as C++. Java allows multithreading, which means it makes better use of the CPU while using less memory.

Art and design: 

  • Photoshop: The most well-known programme for creating digital art is Photoshop.
  •  GIMP: It is the best Photoshop substitute. Small businesses can easily afford GIMP plans if they cannot afford Photoshop’s premium plans.
  • Mobile Gaming: ARM and Marmalade.


There are numerous crucial steps in the game creation process, such as choosing the right tools and developers.  Without working with a game development business, game creation is difficult.

You can have a fantastic idea, but it takes the appropriate developers’ work and tools to turn it into a real-world game environment. Because Android mobile phones are becoming more technologically advanced, Android game development is also popular.

The ideal situation would be to have a game development plan in place so that you can create a fantastic game that meets all the needs of gamers and offers a fun, relaxing virtual world.

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