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A Step By Step Guide To Build A Playhouse For Your Kids

The literal meaning of the playhouse is a house where someone can play. Though it is a place that is specifically designed and constructed for playing purposes, it can be used by teenagers as a study house. Moreover, adults can use the outdoor playhouse as their home office as well. To build a playhouse, you need to collect essential supplies like wooden pallets, shingles, 12×18 playhouse windows, paint, etc.

Want to build a playhouse in your yard? You can do it easily, but you need to do a little bit of research and collect important supplies. Read our following points and implement them to precisely design a perfect playhouse for your kids:

1.Determine The Estimated Cost

The playhouse construction cost is vastly dependent on the size and material that you want to use. In addition to this, various facilities and things you want to add to the playhouse will further increase the cost. You should set your budget according to the estimated cost. During the construction process, you should make sure that the construction cost does not go beyond the pre-decided budget.

2.Collect Required Supplies

Once you have determined the budget, then the next thing to do is collect the required supplies such as 2×8, 2×4 boards, Shingles, Screws, safety glasses, caulk, playhouse windows, railings, hearing protection, paint, etc. In addition to this, some tools and equipment are required like a drill, sander, jigsaw, hammer, shims, etc.

3.Set Up A Base  

Start with the construction of the leveled base. In case, your backyard is properly leveled and plain, then half of your job is done. Otherwise, you have to do it first. For leveling the base, you need to decide the size of the cabin which you want to level with the help of sand and paving stones. It is important to create a wooden deck by using wooden pallets. You can create the frame with the help of the joists and butt-joint it with the help of nails. It is very important to make sure that nailing is done properly to make sure that the joint is strong. If you want the front porch in the playhouse then you should consider the installation of the post. Complete this step by creating the floor.

4.Build the Wall Frames

Once the flooring process is completed, then you need to create the four walls. You have to create four wall frames. Do not forget to cut out the opening for the playhouse shed windows and the doors in the wall frames. You should take out the opening according to the size of the window and door that you want to fit in your playhouse.

5.Assemble the Frames

Once the frames are ready, then you need to integrate these with your floor by using galvanized screws. You should ensure that frames are straight and stand firmly on the base. You should start it with the backside frame and nail it properly to the floor. After that, you should start moving to the sidewalls. Once you have finished it, then finally install the front frame. During the front frame installation process, you should keep it in your mind that you have to leave some space for the porch,

6.Construct the Roof Frame

With the completion of the wall frame installation process, you have to start working on the roof construction. You should do it on the floor. We recommend you put the temporary jigs and tack down the wooden strips and properly place them at the appropriate position.

7.Fix the Wood Panels or Sidings

Now, it is time to cover the walls. We recommend you start the process from the sidewalls and follow the siding to the frames and create a hole at the corners. You have to cover all wooden panels and nicely trim the siding with the help of the reciprocating saw,

8.Place the Shingles

After covering the wall panels, you should complete the roof construction. First of all, fix the aluminum edge to block the rainwater and prevent the playhouse from rainwater accumulation. Now, start positioning the shingled from the bottom to the upward direction.

9.Final Touches

Install the windows and doors in the playhouse with caulk. You should secure the windows and doors with the help of nails. You can also consider the installation of the round playhouse windows to make this small house look cute and different from others. Once it is completed, then you should install the railings on the porch. Now, look out for the different ways to make this small house for your kids look attractive. Paint it with vibrant colors and if possible then create beautiful drawings on the wall to attract your kids.

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