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ACS RPL Australia Report Format And Eligibility Criteria

Only being an expert ICT professional is not enough for a positive ACS RPL Australia assessment. Besides that, you should clearly know the RPL report format, ACS rules and regulations and the like. Without knowing these things, you won’t be able to write an excellent report.

Considering this fact, we have written this blog to acquaint you with all these things and other necessary things. It is because the better you know them, the more effective your report will be. Thus, you will have more chances of a positive ACS skill assessment. So, this blog deserves your intense attention.

ACS RPL Australia format:  

You can find the RPL Project Report Form on the ACS website. Here, you have to enter your project details. Another thing to pay heed to here is that this form consists of two components you must submit. Both of them are below to give you a clear understanding.

Part 1: The Key Areas of Knowledge:

Here, you need to detail your degrees and job experience and show that you possess the necessary skills. This section consists of two subtopics:

Essential ICT Knowledge

General ICT Knowledge

Part 2: The RPL Project Report:

In this part, you give a summary of the projects you took part in and demonstrate your skills as an IT professional. Remember, your RPL project report must show your understanding of the subject area in Section 1. ACS asks you to put two copies of the RPL project report. One of the two has to be from the last three years and the other one from the last five years.

ACS RPL Australia rules and regulations:

The assessment for professional migration is on the basis of the RPL report. The applicants without ICT qualifications have their ACS Australia assessment via RPL. For that, ACS utilizes the below-given criteria when assessing non-ICT applicants:

At least six years of professional experience in an IT-related field is a must.

The average job experience of those without adequate qualifications is 8 years.

The subject of competency you choose must be in harmony with the ANZSCO Code. You can find ANZSCO codes on the ACS main website. Here, you need to emphasize your expertise in the related field in the report.

Document your RPL report in a format that the ACS authority has given. If deviating from the ACS’s rules, your report will face rejection. So, follow the rules and advice coming from ACS to the letter for creating an excellent RPL report.

What is ANZSCO code?

ANZSCO is an acronym for the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations. It is a standard categorization of professions in Australia and New Zealand. Its purpose is to classify all of the occupations and positions within the labour market.

It gives examples of ICT components and job requirements for all vocations. Doing so helps candidates choose an ICT career. Those looking for Australian immigration have to deliver the RPL report for an ANZSCO Code. Another thing to remember here is that it must be in harmony with their vocational duties and obligations.

Choosing the most appropriate ANZSCO codes is important for getting a positive RPL Australia ACS skill assessment. An applicant must read the description of job requirements related to each ANZSCO code before choosing one.

The experience, professional tasks and obligations of the applicant’s profession must be in harmony with a respective ANZSCO code. After that, they should use that code for their application.

Eligibility criteria:

You must satisfy a comprehensive understanding of IT, described as a career path with recognition from society for:

  • Conceptualizing
  • Instituting
  • Constructing
  • Handling
  • Preserving
  • Discarding commodities, tools, procedures and facilities in a wide professional context to prepare professionals as ICT experts

If not having recognized tertiary degrees or any tertiary qualifications containing any ICT component, use the RPL application procedure.

You need to have a minimum of 6 years of related professional experience at any time in your previous employment history. Besides that, have an appropriate RPL application for diplomas AQF level or above with an insufficient ICT component.

Having eight years of related professional expertise is a must. Apart from that, you need to have finished the RPL application for a validated university degree.

You need to present two project reports as part of the RPL application.

Some important tips to write an RPL Australia ACS report:

If you follow the below-provided tips, then you will write an excellent RPL report:

  1. Fill up the box with the Area of Knowledge topic you want to discuss.
  2. Don’t address all subtopics in the Area of Knowledge in your presentation. Here, include at least two.
  3. Include a description of the way you obtained the information and its scope in the expanded writing section.
  4. Convey your ideas in a concise and effective way.
  5. There must be one to two and a half pages in all descriptions.

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Get more information regarding the ACS RPL Australia system and regulations by contacting us.

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