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AIPM Chartered Project Professional

AIPM Chartered Project Professional

An AIPM member who has attained RegPM™ level CPPD or CPPE can become a Chartered Project Professional. They can attain this status by means of the Association for Project Management (APM), which is in the UK.

What is the status of AIPM ChPP?

ChPP, Chartered Project Professional standard is a professional benchmark. This benchmark demonstrates the achievement of a defined level of technical knowledge, ethical behavior and professional practice.

It is the assessment base that an applicant must pass for the AIPM ChPP credential. Moreover, the applicant will get inclusion on the APM Register of Chartered Project Professionals and use the ChPP post-nominal.

An additional step in your certification journey:

The Chartered credential is an additional step in the certification pathway for AIPM’s CPPD and CPPE Certified members. This status helps them have recognition of their experience and competency in delivering strategic objectives. The candidate has to go through the AIPM certification process.

Why you should apply for Chartered Project Professional (AIPM ChPP credential):

By means of this status, your work experience and competency in delivering strategic objectives attain global recognition. Besides that, it will raise your profile from a local level to an international level.

The biggest benefit of this is the personal recognition of your credibility from your peers in project management and other professions.


Steps to attain Chartership for AIPM members:

The following are the four steps to attain AIPM Chartership:

  1. Attain AIPM RegPM™ certification at the Certified Practising Project Director (CPPD) or Certified Practising Portfolio Executive (CPPE) level.
  2. To apply for APM Chartered status, provide basic information. Besides that, upload your CPD points log for the past 12 months and a copy of your RegPM™ CPPD. Or, you can upload a CPPE certificate, provide details of two proposers and pay the application fee.
  3. Take part in a phone interview (up to 30 minutes) covering CPD, ethics and currency of mandatory competencies.
  4. When completing these steps, the panel will confirm your results and issue you the Chartered status.

How to apply:

You can attain chartered status as an AIPM member (CPPE and CPPD). You can get this credential from the APM with a simplified process and at a reduced cost.

APM manages this program, and applications are processed nearly six times a year.

AIPM student membership:

Have a good start on your project management career.

As a student member, you will be able to learn from project management professionals and develop your competency. In addition, you will get industry updates and benefit from networking opportunities. In other words, joining APM will help you set yourself up for success as a project professional.

AIPM individual membership:

This membership is for emerging and experienced project professionals. It allows an individual to sharpen their skills with mentorship and certification programs. Besides that, one can also have improvement by having national and state-based networking events and training and exclusive benefits. To take your career to the next level and grow your network, join the AIPM community.

AIPM Organisation membership:

Organization membership will help you develop yourself and align your brand with Australia’s leading project management body.

You will be able to affiliate your business with AIPM, including branding, sponsorship and award opportunities.

This membership will also allow you to get discounts on AIPM memberships and events for employees.

You will develop, attract and retain talent with professional training and a pathway to certification programs.

AIPM CPPP certification:

The certification of CPPP validates your competency as a project professional. Besides that, it helps you start your journey of RegPM™ certification and perform well in your career.

This program is appropriate for you if you are currently under the direction of a project manager or director. In addition, it will also help you if you are applying project management skills like timing, scoping, quality and monitoring.

Why you should aim for RegPM™ certification:

The AIPM Project Management’s certification levels are the utmost recognition for a project management professional. In addition, it provides the professional with the following benefits:


Attaining this certificate shows your competency to deliver project outcomes at a certain level.

Competitive edge:

A RegPM™ certified project professional can earn a median salary 14% higher than those without this certification.


This certification will take your career to the next level and provide you with the confidence to attain project goals.



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