Air compressor vs foot pump:Key differences explained

Whether you have a car or a bike, keeping a tyre inflator for cars handy is always a wise decision. Bikes nowadays come with tubeless tyres which can run for some distance before completely going flat but most cars today also don’t have tubeless tyres. In those cases having a tyre, an air compressor or a foot pump is absolutely necessary as a car is a heavy vehicle and is not easy to just push it to a mechanic and a mechanic may not be available on spot.

So, without a tyre inflator, even if you repair the puncture it won’t be enough as you need to refill air and cars only have one spare wheel.

What should you consider before getting an air compressor?

Here we will discuss the best tyre inflators and the best deals. 

We have a lot of options when it comes to tyre inflators. MyTVS is a good one on our list. An electronic tyre inflator or an air compressor generally fills the air as you set and derives power from the car’s mobile charging socket. MyTVS gives a great value for money air inflator which starts at rs 1650 and you won’t believe it gives 2 years of warranty.

Most air compressors will work on the car’s 12V charging socket and so, this type of tyre inflator is easy to use and does not require much physical effort as such. You only need to plug the nozzle of the tyre inflator into the car’s tyres nozzle

Another feature that can be extremely useful is including a built-in torchlight in the air compressor. MyTVS has this too. If you need to inflate the tyres of your car or bike at night when it is dark then you will need this torchlight to see where the tyre’s nozzle is. This is a very thoughtful inclusion.

Also, the speed of inflation should be considered. A lot of cheap tyre inflators take a lot of time to inflate the tyres. Buy a high speed inflating air compressor to avoid the hassle of waiting at a roadside.

Most portable air compressors support air pressure up to 100 PSI which means you will easily be able to fill up air in your car or bike’s tyres. Bikes will need a maximum of 50 PSI for some wheels generally. Also, extra nozzle attachments are included with air compressors to let them attach to various kinds of tyre nozzles.

Some of the heavy-duty air compressors include the Bergman Typhoon which has a metal body that reduces the cluttering noise of plastic air compressors. Bergman Typhoon has industry-leading inflation timing of 0-30 PSI in just 2 minutes.

All heavy-duty inflators are superior to normal portable tyre inflators. So, if you are willing to spend a few more bucks, then you should get a heavy-duty tyre inflator that will last longer than the ordinary ones and also give a better performance.

This type of tyre inflator has a pump that compresses the air that it receives from the surrounding. The compressed air is then sent to the tyres through a pipe and nozzle.

Foot pump: Should you get it?

A foot pump, as the name suggests, works with the help of manual pressure from your foot. There is a pedal which you press with your foot as it is not so light to press. 

Foot pumps are cheaper than air compressors and more portable as they are lighter. It can be used for inflating car and bike tyres, footballs and portable swimming pools.

There is a round-circular pressure meter that tells us the current pressure of the tyre. As these are manual inflators, these don’t have an auto cut function and you need to keep track of how much air you have filled into the tyre.

The nozzle of this type of inflator comes with a lock and so, after plugging in, you can keep it held like that.

With feet, it is not much hard to operate. You can do so easily but obviously, it needs more physical effort than the air compressors.

Comparing the two- Pros and Cons of each one to help you make a decision

The pros of air compressors are many like they are easy to use and don’t need physical work. They have auto cut functionality and torches built into them.

There aren’t many cons of the air compressor type tyre inflator as it is much more convenient to use. The only con of it can be the price. If you compare it with the foot pumps then the starting price of it is almost 3 times higher than a foot pump. You can easily get a good foot pump at rs 500 but an air compressor will cost you around 1600 and a heavy-duty tyre inflator will cost you as much as rs 3200

The pros of the foot pump will be the con of the air compressor. It is quite cheap and doesn’t need battery power. The cons will be the inconvenience of using it.


So, to conclude, an air compressor is convenient to use and anyone can use them. But the foot pump will be difficult to use for old age people but is cheap. In cases where ease and convenience are the priority then go with the air compressor. But if you want a cheap tyre inflator then you can go with the foot pump. That was all about tyre inflators. Don’t forget to check out our huge collection of automotive parts. Carorbis is a leading platform for online car accessories. We give you the best deals with fast shipping.


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