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An Insight into Legendary Indian Historic Artists While Browsing Original Paintings for Sale

The diversity of Indian culture dates back to when art started growing its roots. Each art piece from Petroglyphs, cave rock art, Indus Valley sculptures, prehistoric and colonial art, and Indian folk paintings glides the art lovers through a flourishing and vibrant artistic journey of Indian legacy.

As complex as Indian art history is, the techniques infused by the painting maestros aren’t any less complex. Keeping the magnificence of artworks alive, today, art lovers can get original paintings for sale while browsing virtually through online art galleries like Artshoppy.

Legendary Historical Painting Maestros in India

India has a long, rich tradition of painting styles reflecting different regions’ customs and beliefs through artistic freedom and expression. Earlier canvases for original paintings for sale were cloth, walls, murals all over the country, expressing the tradition, customs, and ideas passed down from generation to generation.

The paintings reflect ancient Indian society and represent a more spartan lifestyle through distinct ways like Madhubani, Worli, Kalighat, Phad and Gond paintings, Patachitra, and Pichwais. Varma’s oil paintings depicting Hindu mythologies were only the beginning of India’s fascinating and exotic culture. It then trickled down to some of the finest painting maestros available to buy paintings online India.

Here are the true Indian artists whose masterpieces are an inspiration for many young art aspirants and professionals:

Raja Ravi Varma

Famous works: Stolen Interview, Shakuntala, Woman Holding a Fruit

Ravi Varma was fascinated by the unique styles of India, and he was determined to prove that Indian art could be both old-fashioned and modern. He applied the latest European academic art techniques to his paintings, yet his original paintings for sale always maintained the Indian intricacies. His artistic capabilities won him three awards at an illustrious exhibition in Vienna in 1873.

His gem of a painting, Radha in the Moonlight, was auctioned for 24 crore rupees, completed in 1890. Another masterpiece, Shakuntala, captures a pivotal moment where Shakuntala is pretending to remove a thorn from her foot, looking for her husband/lover Dushyantha to nurse her. The painting invites the viewer to imagine the scene within an imagined sequence of events.

Satish Gujral

Famous works: Days of Glory, Tree of Life, Mourning en masse

A scholarship at Mexico City’s Palacio de Bellas Artes in 1952 to study art changed Satish Gujral’s life forever. After studying under well-known Mexican artists Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros for two years, he decided to pursue his artistic versatility. Gujral arranged various art events in cities like New Delhi, Berlin, New York, and Tokyo in the following decades, from 1952 to 1974.

Gujral’s masterpiece Days of Glory, available for art lovers looking to buy paintings online India, captures the state of helplessness and the quiet dignity of all refugees who lost their homes. And were displaced after the partition. With undifferentiated figures and the compacted depth of space, we can all understand how these people, who have suffered so much, still have power.

Amrita Sher-Gil

Famous works: Self-portrait, Three Girls, Brahmacharis

Recognized at 19 and nominated for a gold medal, Amrita Sher-Gil had a successful start in the art world. European painters like Paul Gaugin, Paul Cezanne, and Edgar Degas heavily influenced her earlier work. However, she realized that her calling was Indian art which compelled her to return to her nation. Her artistic mission was a conscious attempt that drew her towards Indian subjects to portray Indian lives through her art.

Amrita’s masterpiece Three Girls, available in the collection to buy art online, is a classic example of her distancing herself from the academic style of painting. She brought up with and explore different painting methods. She depicts three young women in their threshold to adulthood and marriage. Her empathy for the girls through their hapless expressions.

Jamini Roy

Famous works: Three Pujarins, Krishna, Mother and Child

Jamini Roy was initially a Post-impressionist landscape and portrait artist. Who, in the early 1920s, made a significant stylistic change from his European influences to capture the simplicity of his folk people. Though his training was in a British academic system. Roy chose to completely abandon European influences and adopt the style of Bengali folk traditions.

As one of the early modernists of twentieth-century Indian art, Jamini Roy created a masterful work with Three Pujarins. A sight to behold for all the enthusiasts looking to buy art online India. His inspiration behind the artwork came from the folk art tradition of Bengal, and Roy experimented with bright colors that resulted in vivid paintings.

Wrapping up

Over the centuries, Indian art has been deeply influenced by its various periods. During the post-colonial period, a radical new wave of artists pushed the boundaries of what is considered “art”. Artists like Jitish Kallat, Subodh Gupta, Nalini Malani, and others created their artistic visions. And changed how Indian art perceives today.

The transcendence of art through time and culture doesn’t look for a place to stay. As far as they hold and convey a story. Indian art pioneers such delightful journeys through Raja Ravi Varma’s masterpiece Shakuntala to Abanindranath Tagore’s classic piece Bharat Mata.

Art is a hidden talent that can make a person the next famous painter of India. Through their struggles and art pieces, these famous painters have shown that you can access them. Even today through online art galleries like Artshoppy. Dedicating your life to art is a rewarding experience and incredible talent that leaves its footprints in world history.

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