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APEGS Temporary Licensee

Canada provides a large number of opportunities for engineers.  Due to this, engineers from all over the world are migrating to this land. There is a province in this country, Saskatchewan. The engineering competency assessment authority in this province is APEGS (the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan). This assessment authority provides engineering licence to those who fulfill its assessment criteria. Apart from that, you also need to remember that only a licensed engineer is called a professional engineer in Canada. Therefore, having an engineering licence that APEGS issues are a must to practice engineering in the province. One of the licences APEGS provides is a Temporary licence. What is it, and how to attain it? Let’s know in this blog.

APEGS Temporary Licence:

A Temporary Licence is for those professional engineers having registration in the State of Texas or with a Cedula in Mexico. Apart from that, they need to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and fulfill the requirements below.

This yearly licence is called ‘temporary. The reason for this is it can only be renewed for up to 3 years.

A Temporary Licensee candidate doesn’t need to write the Professional Practice Exam (PPE).

A Temporary Licensee is not a member of APEGS. Therefore, they can’t take part in the governance of the Association.

If not eligible for a temporary licence, you need to follow the same application steps as an Engineer-in-Training International Graduate. If you need your licence in Saskatchewan for more than 3 years, then you need to become a Professional Engineer.

When you submit your application, you need to choose the application type ‘Professional Engineer from Temporary Licensee’. There is not any fee for this application. However, you need to write and pass the PPE before you are eligible to apply.

Requirements for APEGS Temporary Licensee:

There are two ways to be eligible for an APEGS Canada Temporary Licensee:

  1. You need an accredited bachelor’s degree with 12 years of total experience.
  2. You have a non-accredited bachelor’s degree with a total experience of 16 years.

Some candidates have a bachelor’s degree in engineering from a recognized program in the USA (AEC-ABET) or Mexico (CACEI). These applicants must have a minimum of 12 years of professional engineering experience, which includes eight years post-licensure. This experience doesn’t need to be gained in Texas. Moreover, the 8-year post-licensure can be as of earning a PE licence in any state.

The Application process for APEGS Temporary Licensee:

For starting, you need to first make sure that your bachelor’s program has recognition:

Contact APEGS report experts to know the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, USA.

Contact APEGS experts to know the Consejo de Acreditacion de la Ensenanza de la Ingeniera, United Mexican States (CACEI).

Next, you need to create an account (Log in if already have one).

Then, check your mail for an ‘APEGS sign up verification’. You will have a link in the mail that will take you to the APEGS Central homepage.

From there, you need to click the ’Applications’ quick link appearing on the left side of the page.

After that, choose ‘Apply Now’ and pick the correct application type:

‘Temporary Licensee – 12 years’, or ‘Temporary Licensee – 16 years’.

For online application submission, you need to pay the application fee online through a credit card. Ask APEGS report experts to know about this and fees for extra payment options.

You need to submit the following documents to APEGS:

Proof of identification

US citizenship proof (Texas PEs only)  

English language proficiency

There are some students whose first language is not English.  On the other hand, some have not completed a degree at a university where the instruction language was English. Such students need their competency reports in English. To know more about it, ask a professional APEGS expert.

Work Experience history

NCEES Records, or

CV plus a detailed experience report for your related engineering position. Use the cover page and stick to the instructions within it to complete the work experience report.

Academic documents.

Either your NCEES Record or (WES) World Education Services ICAP document-by-document credential evaluation.

After that, APEGS will confirm your Registration with the appropriate Regulator and inform you by mail after your approval.

A bill for pro-rated yearly Registration fees will be posted to your online profile. When having paid your registration fees, you can utilize the ‘Temporary Licensee’ title.

Good character requirements:

Good character means moral and ethical strength. They are distinguishable as an amalgam of socially acceptable and virtuous attributes and traits. They consist of integrity, empathy, frankness and honesty.

APEGS will check the candidate’s character. For that, It will check whether they fulfill the good character requirements or not. The candidate needs to meet the requirements in some particular circumstances.  These circumstances must provide acceptable grounds to believe that the applicant will not work in some specific circumstances. Doing so will be as per The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act and Bylaws, in particular, the situations below. If the applicant:

  1. Has a record for professional misconduct, professional incompetence or contravention of a professional statute with a professional regulatory organization
  2. Is with a criminal record for which a pardon has not been granted under the Criminal Records Act
  3. Found at fault in a civil action related to negligence in their professional practice
  4. Willfully achieves or tries to achieve registration or renewal of registration by cheating on an examination.
  5. Is making or causing to be made a false statement on their application, or
  6. Has committed any other impropriety in the application process.


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