Apple Watch Repairing: Signs your Apple Watch Has Suffered Water Damage

The Apple Watch has a plethora of impressive features. A stainless steel body, a crystal glass retina display, GPS, and the most recent iOS software, to name a few features. All of these features will only operate if the watch is in good condition. 

You’re aware that electronics and water don’t go well. Manufacturers are making modern smartphones and other gadgets waterproof, or at least water-resistant, so you can accidentally expose it to water without it being a big problem.

This is where the Apple Watch fits in. While the smartwatch isn’t totally waterproof, it can be worn in the shower and other mild water scenarios. However, you might be tempted to go a step farther, and that’s when calamity hits.

Water damage is unquestionably the worst of the damages. Because water damage to an iWatch is not covered by Apple Care, Apple Watch Repairing can be quite costly. If you wait too long to get it fixed, the cost will go up much more.

Indications That Your Apple Watch Has Suffered A Water Damage

As a result, below are some common signs that your Apple Watch has suffered water damage and requires Apple watch repairing to get the problem resolved

1. Corrosion

Corrosion occurs as a result of either battery leaks or a logic board circuit shot. Water leaking into the watch can harm the battery, logic board, and other components. 

Consult a professional iWatch water damage repair service as soon as there is a trace of corrosion on the back.

2. Discoloration

The Apple Watch comes in different colours, and the wristband comes in a variety of colours as well. A watch coming into contact with water can occur numerous times throughout the day. 

Hence, it’s necessary to be aware of indicators of water damage. There’s a good possibility that the watch has come into touch with water if the colour of the watch or the band is fading.

3. Fuzzy Growth on the Charging Set  

This indicates that the water damage has progressed. iWatch water damage repair is mostly still possible at this point.

4. Moisture Under the Display Screen  

A water spot or foggy moisture spot on the display screen is a common symptom of water damage. Water or water might seep through the screen and into additional internal components, causing more damage. 

Therefore, iWatch water damage repair businesses in Bangalore advise users to bring their Apple Watch in as soon as they sense wetness.

5. Water Lock Breach

The Apple Watch’s water lock is a fantastic feature. If the watch is used in showers or other wet settings, the user can activate the water lock by turning the digital crown on the side of the watch and clicking on the drop symbol. It’s crucial to keep in mind that all smart devices are simply water-resistant, not waterproof.

Therefore, there is a tolerance limit. When the limit is reached, the water lock may no longer function as effectively. Hence, water damage occurs. Even though there is no obvious evidence that a water lock has been breached, a user can check the resistance limit on their Apple watch. There’s a chance you’ll need iWatch water damage repair if the limit is exceeded.

It’s also important to remember that Apple has been working to enhance the limit with each new model of the Apple Watch, resulting in differing resistance limits across the Watch series.

There were some common signs of liquid damage for the Apple Watch. You can always call one of the iWatch qualified experts if you want to learn more. We have specialists who specialise in repairing liquid damage to Apple Watches.

1. Don’t be alarmed, but act quickly.

When your Apple Watch takes a dunk it can’t handle, it’s tempting to panic and just stand there yelling without doing anything. However, the faster you act, the higher your odds of recovering your Apple Watch are. Here are a few things you can do right now.

Shut It Down: The first thing you should do is turn it off. As soon as you’re able, turn off your Apple Watch. When there is no power passing through the circuitry, water has no effect, but when the gadget is turned on and water is flowing, it has the reverse effect.

Remove the Watch Bands: Ideally, you should remove everything that can be removed from a device that has been damaged to allow water to drain from any available openings. On the Apple Watch, however, you can only remove the watch bands, which will probably not help much, but do it anyway.

Shake It Off: Shake the Apple Watch, blow on it, whatever it takes to get as much water out of it as possible. Pay careful attention to the cracks and fissures on the side where the digital crown and button are located. This is where canned air comes in handy.

2. Getting It to Work Once More

If you leave your Apple Watch out to air dry, it’s recommended that you do so for at least 24 hours, but even then, it is better you keep it out for a couple of days to ensure that all the water is gone before turning it back on.

Try turning on the Apple Watch once you’re certain it’s entirely dry. If it lights up, you’re good to go. If not, giving it a boost by charging it could give the battery a jump start, allowing it to power up again.

If it still won’t switch on, you should take it to an Apple store or an approved repair shop to get it looked at. Accidental damage is covered by AppleCare, but you’ll almost certainly have to pay a deductible, which for the Apple Watch Sport is $69.


While the Apple Watch is water-resistant to some extent, it is not totally waterproof. Follow the above-mentioned tip on  how to keep your Apple Watch from water damage after it has fallen into the water

After the following the above tips, your Apple Watch should be ready to use. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to take it for Apple watch repairing to an Apple-authorized repair facility.

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