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Applebee’s New Virtual Chicken Wings Concept Using Cheetos Flavoring

The rise of Applebees Gift Card virtual concepts has been one of the most talked-about restaurant trends of the last year. To fulfill the growing demand for off-premise consumption, brands large and small have been experimenting with brick-and-mortar-less models in droves.

The Applebees Gift Card virtual restaurant market is no doubt primed for expansion. Allowing for new clients to be reach with substantially cheaper starting costs by using underused but already existent kitchen space.

As a result, a wide range of players—from Brinker International and Denny’s to Guy Fieri and YouTuber MrBeast—have entered the market.

In May, Dine Brands launched Neighborhood Applebees Cheetos Wings and expanded the concept in October, Dine Brands DIN -0.3 percent. As of today, Dine Brands has unveiled a new Applebees Gift Card virtual concept called Cosmic Applebees Cheetos Wings, which will only be offered via the Uber Eats app.

Future The In Neighborhood Wings

In some ways, think of Cosmic Applebees Cheetos Wings as the development of Neighborhood Applebees Cheetos Wings in the future. To make room for Cosmic Applebees Cheetos Wings, which will be serve at roughly 1,300 Applebee’s locations throughout the country, Dine Brands is tapering down Neighborhood Applebees Cheetos Wings.

As Vice President of Strategy and Development Scott Gladstone said, “our pilot with Neighborhood Applebees Cheetos Wings enabled us to get off to a strong start in this Applebees Gift Card virtual world and we learned a little bit.”

The most important thing to remember, according to him, is the need of standing out from the crowd, particularly as more and more companies enter the online wing-selling fray. If you’d want some examples, think of The Wing Experience from Smokey Bones, or the famous Applebees Cheetos Wings from Nathan’s in New York, or the chicken from Bad Daddy’s Bad Mama’s.

The chicken wing market has a lot of potential, although it is a volatile one. Although restaurant visitation decreased by 11 percent, servings of Applebees Cheetos Wings increased by 7 percent in 2020, according to The NPD Group. According to IRI, retail chicken wing sales increased by more than 10% year-over-year. ‘

Dine Brands’ Partnership

Dine Brands’ partnership with Cheetos parent PepsiCo PEP +2.5 percent enabled the creation of the Original Cheetos and the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot wing sauces, which will be featured exclusively at Cosmic Applebees Cheetos Wings. Traditional and boneless Applebees Cheetos Wings are offered in both flavors.

“We want to distinguish out from the crowd by offering tastes that are unavailable anyplace else.” “Cheetos is one of the most popular brands in the United States,” Gladstone remarked. In terms of wings and wing tastes, we have a lot of skill, and they have a lot of expertise in Cheetos and how to express it in various ways.”

KFC’s Cheetos Sandwich

KFC’s Cheetos Sandwich, which debuted in 2019, prove that Cheetos taste can be include in chicken and that it can also be a hit with the public. In addition, sales of Cheetos throughout the epidemic have been on the rise at a double-digit rate because of distribution of Applebee’s Promo Codes.

In addition to the conventional chicken tender dippers, waffle fries, and onion rings, the menu at Cosmic Applebees Cheetos Wings also offers a range of sauces and dips crucial for any successful wing concept.

Gladstone Thinks Cosmic Wings

Gladstone thinks Cosmic Applebees Cheetos Wings has a leg up because of its 1,300-unit distribution. For comparison, this is around 1,000. In its first year of operation, Brinker International. The parent company of Chili’s, is expect to produce $150 million in revenue.

Scale is one of our greatest capabilities and strengths”. Cosmic Applebees Cheetos Wings is a unique chance for us since we can launch it with a wide reach. “Uber Eats has a wide geographic reach,” Gladstone said.

Operators won’t have to deal with any extra equipment or SKUs because of Cosmic Applebees Cheetos Wings, which is an added benefit.

For labor, there is some cross-training to be support, but this meshes nicely with our current footprint.” Even though we’re operating at such a massive scale. “We’re not bringing too much complexity into the back of the house,” Gladstone added.

Casual Dining Industry

Since Applebee’s and the casual dining industry as a whole are still battling their way back from the brink. He said franchisees are “enthused” about the prospect of a new income stream from Cosmic Applebees Cheetos Wings. Applebee’s same-store sales were down 13.3 percent on its most recent Q3 call in late October. In December, the full-service category had transaction decreases of 30 percent, while the quick-service sector saw declines of 8 percent.

Recovery is heavily reliant on non-premises channels like curbside and delivery in the absence of a drive-thru presence. For a delivery-only brand, Applebee’s delivery operation currently accounts for around 10% of its revenues.

For Informal Eating

We’re looking to the future and what that model will look like in the future”. When it comes to trends in off-premise growth. “We are continuously looking for methods to enhance returns to franchisees,” Gladstone said. There are three major themes fueling the formation of the idea and interest in it: Applebees Cheetos Wings and delivery.

As for the increasing rivalry in both the wing category and in the Applebees Gift Card virtual world. What do you think of this? Gladstone is unfazed.

Rivalry In The Restaurant

“There is a lot of rivalry in the restaurant sector as a whole. To succeed, you need to stand out from the crowd and offer them something they’ll want to try again and again, he said. In addition to our menu uniqueness and tastes. You can’t find anyplace else, as well as our size, we’re convince that we’ve got it. For us, it’s an exciting new venture that has the potential to grow and thrive on its own.

Cosmic Applebees Cheetos Wings will not have a pickup model or a brick-and-mortar location anytime soon, according to Dine Brands. To begin with, the goal is to get the idea off the ground. To do this, Cosmic Applebees Cheetos Wings will waive the shipping cost on any purchases of $15 or more from February 17 through February 28.

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