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Automating processes with SharePoint

Digitization in companies is a fact, and the need to migrate towards a true digital transformation has been demonstrated with greater force during this 2021, a year in which the pandemic tested the ability of companies to adapt and survive in an environment really competitive with SharePoint development.

The good news is that, with the advancement of technology, there are multiple software alternatives and tools on the market so that organizations, regardless of their size, begin to change the management model implemented until now (most of the time from manually) and fully automate your processes, both internal and external.

Internal management

As a starting point, to improve internal management, we want to tell you about the advantages and benefits that Microsoft 365 offers you, a system that operates with a set of collaborative tools that allows you to optimize the workflow and communication between teams of the same project/ business. Within this list, SharePoint is the tool that we will tell you about on this occasion.

This Microsoft product (available in the cloud as SharePoint Online, or implemented locally as SharePoint Server), offers a variety of applications and functionalities that adapt to the needs of each company/project, such as:

  1. Integration with all Office365 office automation and collaboration applications.
  2. Document repository with historical storage, metadata and version control.
  3. Integration with business systems (ERP, CRM, EHR, ECM).
  4. Total security for the storage of information and private documents.

Microsoft 365 tools

Internal collaboration flows that can be customized according to roles and permissions for each user. In addition, documents can be protected at the time they are edited so that another user does not intervene at the same time if desired.
Thanks to the great technological reach of SharePoint and the joint work of the different Microsoft 365 tools, companies will be able to improve their functions in three key aspects:

Efficiency , since collaborators will be able to interact with each other by sharing documents, tasks, calendars, etc.
Innovation , thanks to the fact that the stored information will be available at any time and from any device, regardless of the weight of the files. This is possible thanks to the integration of Microsoft SharePoint with OneDrive.

Process automation. This is perhaps the most relevant point in this list of benefits. The use of SharePoint is undoubtedly one of the first steps for companies to migrate to the desired digital transformation, since they will have automated workflows adapted to their needs.
As we have mentioned, in addition to the functionalities that SharePoint brings natively to help automate processes and communication between teams, the tool allows you to optimize and develop specific solutions for the different needs of each project/company. In this sense, it is possible to develop specialized software for different internal processes.

Get to know the range of products developed here !

  1. Project Manager – Project Tracker
  2. Corporate Performance Manager – EPM
  3. Document Manager for all types of companies
  4. Document Manager for Engineering Companies
  5. Corporate Intranet

What is it?

SHAREPOINT is a secure platform where you can store, organize, share and access information from any device. The only requirement is to have an Internet connection.

At EFOR we have a consolidated technical team with experience in SharePoint projects. Qualified and certified personnel, and more than 40 benchmark projects carried out in different sectors.

We provide value and a complete vision of an implementation project based on the needs of our client: consultancy, systems (installation and deployment, migration or upgrade processes), development of functionalities (intranets, workflows, dashboards, etc. ) lodging, training, CAU, etc.

SharePoint Core Features

  1. Easy creation of intranet and extranet portals.
  2. On-premise versions (at the client’s home) or in cloud environments (Office 365 – SharePoint online).
  3. Collaborative environment for the different members of an organization.
  4. Intuitive document and content management, in a regulated manner and in accordance with regulations.
  5. Powerful search engine (content, information, people…).
  6. Modeling of business processes and workflows in a simple way (expense approval, vacation request, etc.).
  7. Option to add specific functionalities for the client, thanks to its .NET development environment.

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