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Band And Mouthpiece Heaters

Mica bucan belt warmers offer efficient and cost effective solutions for the heating requirements of many applications. With a pod temperature that can reach 900 ° F, different styles of electrical connection, clamping mechanisms and the ability to absorb holes and recesses, these heating elements are successfully used in different industrial systems, but are mainly sought in industry . Mica belt warmers are efficient and economical solutions for the heating requirements of many applications. Mica insulated belt heaters can be built in different sizes, tension and forces with different options, such as holes, recesses and notches.

Mica belt heaters provide efficient and economical solutions for heating cylindrical surfaces that require indirect external heating. It uses a nickel chrome resistance strip as a heating element that is precisely wrapped in a dielectric material for even heat distribution. The heating element is insulated in a mica core enclosed in a metal cover that provides exceptional insulation, dielectric strength and heat transfer capacity for faster heating and longer heating life.

All MPI ceramic belt heaters have a stainless steel outer hood for optimal oxidation resistance. 1 or 2-piece steel belt heaters with a maximum temperature of 900 ° F, inner tube diameter of 2.5 “to 10”, insulated with mica and designed for cylinders, vessels, dies and more. 1 or 2-piece steel belt heaters with a maximum temperature of 900 ° F, inner tube diameter of 1 “to 12”, with mica insulation and designed for cylinders, vessels, dies and more. An alternative to heating elements with rolled tape is the minimized heating element. With this type of construction, the resistance cable of the heating element is sinuated or “formed” from one side to the other without a central layer of mica insulation.

The heating element is alternated between two specially selected layers of mica insulation to provide excellent thermal conductivity and dielectric resistance. The winding shaped element lends itself to low temperature and watt density applications where high watt density construction is not required. In the plastics industry, the mica belt heater provides a means of applying heat to any cylindrical part of the machine, especially the running, end cap or nozzle made of plastic molding equipment.

Although Backer Marathon belt heaters are widely used in the plastics industry, they are also used in applications up to 900 ° F. Termination options include cables, stainless steel braids and pool terminals. Depending on the application, the extrusion heating belts have different diameters and widths. At the request of the customer, mica belt warmers are made from thermocouple holes, recesses and holders.

Various terminals, cable options and terminal boxes offer great flexibility for field wiring. With pod temperature up to 800 ° F, these heaters are ideal for plastic processing applications. To maximize contact from surface to surface, Bucan mica belt warmers are carefully rounded and shaped to optimize grip on a machine’s barrel. The external metal protective cover of the stove is made of a special alloy, which expands relatively less than when heated. The difference in thermal expansion ensures that the stove grips the barrel tightly as soon as it is energized. This improves heat transfer and extends the life of the mica belt heater.

They are conductive heaters that provide thermal conductivity to the outer surface of the steel. Heat transfer from the mica band to the barrel plays an important role in determining the life of the heater, as well as in the efficiency of converting electrical energy into heat for the barrel. Dive mica belt warmers are made of high-quality mica; The type and thickness of each mica

insulation layer have been carefully selected to provide excellent thermal conductivity and high dielectric strength. One-piece mica tire heating, flexible cables with stainless steel overbreak, with a 1/2 “space and special strap.

The external metal protective cover of our mica belt heaters is made of a special alloy, which expands less than the barrel when heated. Not understanding the internal design of a heater often leads to heating losses. Some manufacturers offer belt warmers similar to mica tires that can be stretched for installation, but using inappropriate installation techniques for a specific type of heating will cause problems. A two-piece design is also a good option when a large diameter tire is required, as the design minimizes the possibility of airspace development.

Mica belt heaters may have a higher watt density than ceramic belt heaters. Because the resistance tape in a mica belt heater is well between mica pieces, there is better heat transfer from the tape to the outside surfaces of the heater. In general, mica band heaters will also be less unheated than a ceramic belt heater, especially in smaller belt heaters. The mica belt warmers are designed with precise wound cream-resistant nickel-resistant wire around a sheet of mica, which is then placed between two additional corrosivity-resistant external mica steel plates. Mica is used because it provides good thermal conductivity and dielectric resistance.

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