Become an Instant Hit in the Market With Our Gojek Clone!

On-demand apps like the Gojek clone have made our lifestyles easier and sorted! Its array of services and features has already made the users crave them every day. By this, I mean that the users have now started booking corporate taxi rides every day rather than traveling in public transportations. While other users like to order their food, medicines, and even groceries online. This app is already a hit in many countries. But, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking forward to launching this app in your country, then there can be no better partner than On Demand Clone


On Demand Clone’s Gojek clone app has so many special advantages that you can never find anywhere else. Do you want to know what they are? 

  1. This app is already market-tested and beta-tested.
  2. The firm has already launched 1200 plus apps proving their good work and a global reputation. 
  3. They have built and integrated all the market-trending features and highly-demanded services. 
  4. The source code is licensed, which means nobody can ever steal your app or its code from you.
  5. The app is built using all the latest technologies for app and website development such as PHP, Swift, Node.js, etc. 
  6. 2022’s smart features built-in and also used a latest technologies to built an app.
  7. Admin panel’s smart features and the catching User Interface with different modules.


To become an instant, blockbuster hit in the market, the entrepreneur must first develop the app and launch it on global app platforms. Well, the global app platforms are Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and Huawei App Store from where your customers can download the Gojek-like app and use it to book services or order items!

Here’s how you can get started with developing the most robust and top class on demand multi service app: 

Step 1: Connect with On Demand Clone’s sales representatives 

The firm’s sales representatives will first explain what you want this app to be, what it can do, and how you can benefit from it. Then, once you decide to continue, they’ll ask you to try the demo apps! 

Step 2: Take free demo app trials 

Once you feel that this app is worth a shot, go for free trials of the demo apps. These demo apps are fully-functional and anyone who wants to try them can go straight to the app stores, download, and install them. Trying the Gojek clone apps beforehand gives a better understanding of the workflow of the app, its business models, and overall idea about white-labeling them. 

Step 3: Discuss your business plan with the Project Manager 

After you decide to go forward with the purchase of the plan, the Sales Representatives at On Demand Clone will connect you with the Project Manager. You can discuss your needs with the Project Manager. They will then provide you with the Scope Document that includes information about what they will provide you and the detailed breakdown of the Gojek clone script cost. 

Step 4: App developers will white-label your app

The experienced app developers will then get started with the development of your on-demand app solution. Once they have developed the apps, they will upload them to their Development Server. This is where the entrepreneurs will be able to review them. 

Step 5: App review and approval 

At this stage, the entrepreneurs can review the apps uploaded on the development server of On Demand Clone. You can test them, review them, compare the developed apps as per your business plans, and lastly, send the approval to the Project Manager. 

Step 6: Launch on App Stores

After the entrepreneur has approved the apps, the app development experts will go ahead and launch them on Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and even Huawei App Store if the entrepreneurs want to!  


With the On Demand App Clone, Developing and launching the Gojek Clone takes only 1 – 2 weeks. Well, yes! That’s all the time that is needed to rebrand the app, perfect it to your requirements, and finally, launch the biggest hit in the market! 

Take the first in this 2022 do step up today! Inquire Now.

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