Best business school in Europe for International students

Europeans understand how to do business, and they have a plethora of excellent schools where you can learn the insider facts of the trade while earning one of the best MBA degrees in the world.

Besides, Europe also houses some of the world’s top and most prestigious institutions. Europeans have a long and illustrious history in education, research, and innovation, dating back to the founding of some of the world’s oldest colleges. The continent is well-known for providing world-class education and has a history of grooming global leaders.

The state’s flexible laws for overseas students provide them with an advantage over the thought of pursuing higher education in Europe. The state is highly hospitable to students from all over the world, and it aspires to have a diverse student population. Language has never been an issue because most top universities choose to teach in English.

Best business school in Europe

Top business schools in Europe for International students are-

  • The University of St Gallen
  • IE Business School
  • The Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford
  • The Rotterdam School of Management

The University of St Gallen

The University of St Gallen is named after the most beautiful. It has a few choices for students interested in studying business. The Financial Times ranks the business school fourth in Europe, and it provides bachelor’s degrees in business administration, economics, and law or both.

These alternatives provide students with some feasibility while also educating them for business jobs or future studies. Students can be confident that after studying at the University of St Gallen, they will have both academic and practical business knowledge, equipping them for their future careers in business.


ESSEC’s Global BBA is the number one bachelor’s degree in France, according to Le Point. ESSEC’s bachelor in business administration degree is yet another highly popular degree, which takes place over four years in either France, Singapore, or Morocco.

Depending on their personal interests and career ambitions, students can choose which campus they want to attend. Since 1907, ESSEC has been teaching change-makers in the business world, guided by their pioneering spirit. The graduates of ESSEC  have a high rate of success, with over 70% working abroad for an average beginning salary of $45,000. ESSEC’s rich educational history certainly qualifies it as one of the greatest business schools for undergraduates.

IE Business School

IE University, which offers a variety of business programmes, is a suitable choice for people who don’t want to only focus on business. For example, it offers five-year dual degrees in business and data analytics, international relations, and law in addition to its four-year BBA. This abundance of possibilities is perfect for those who want to explore other interests in addition to business.

You will study these programmes in Madrid and Segovia, both of which have unique histories and cultures. Overall, it is quite obvious why EDUopinions and The Financial Times both named IE University as one of Europe’s best business schools for both graduation and undergraduate level programmes.

The Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford

The Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford offers one of Europe’s finest business programmes. Their BA(Hons) in Economics and Management is designed to prepare students to address business problems. The Oxford method, which involves highly personalised instruction from tutors, will be used by students in this degree for three years.

This bachelor’s degree also emphasises skill-based learning to consolidate theoretical knowledge. Naturally, Oxford maintains one of the greatest undergraduate business schools in the world, with students coming from all over the world to study at Saïd.

The Rotterdam School of Management

The Rotterdam School of Management offers a bachelor’s degree in international business administration. Here learning, internships and foreign exchanges are all available as part of the three-year programme. Furthermore, as Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam is surrounded by international firms and networking possibilities.

Additionally, compared to many of the other colleges, studying in the Netherlands is a more affordable option.


So, in a nutshell, Europe is one of the most wildly popular study destinations for students. This is because studying here helps them kick-start their careers and head towards the attainment of their ultimate goal.

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