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Raven Black  is one of the leading Denim Garments Manufacturer. Denim is made from 100% cotton and one of the oldest fabrics in the world. It is the garment commonly preferred by all age groups and, due to its circulation, a lot of development work has been done in the last few decades. The global denim garments manufacturer market was valued at $56,178.1 million in 2017 and is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 5.8% during 2018–2023.

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Denim Garments Manufacturer in Pakistan

Pakistan is the leading exporter in textile sector. The premium quality denim products of Pakistan are loved all over the world. Most international look for Pakistan for manufacturing of their clothing Products. Workers in Pakistan are hardworking and cost less than any other country in the world and provides premium quality work all over the world

Raven Black is your gateway to get the high quality premium denim clothing. We love manufacturing denim with care and quality. Working for various different clients all over the world we understands your requirement and need for great quality and service. Our service will make you come again and again to us as your denim garments manufacturer but first experience is necessary.

Our Services

We provide complete processing services from raw fabric to the final ready to wear product.

1. Carding

In carding, the cotton is run through machines containing brushes with bent wire teeth. The function of this process is to clean, detangle, straighten, and hold the cotton fibers together. The resulting fiber is called silver.

2. Spinning

Other machines then join several silvers together to be pulled and coiled to make the threads stronger. After that, these threads are placed on spinning machines that wind and stretch the fibers to form the yarn.

3. Dyeing

Denim is dyed before being woven. The dye used is usually synthetic indigo.

The denim is dipped into the dye bath several times so that the dye forms several layers. This is the reason that blue jeans tend to fade after washing.

4. Weaving

The threads are woven on large looms without a bobbin. The blue threads are woven with white threads. But since the blue threads are stuck together more closely than the white threads, the blue color dominates the fabric.

Manufacturing Process of Denim Garments - TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN

5. Cutting and Stitching

Denim fabrics are cut according to the design, then they go to sewing machines to be stitched by industrial sewing machines. On the sewing floor, skilled workers sew according to the pre-defined seams and seam allowances. The industrial machine can sew very quickly, so workers must be highly skilled to avoid injury.

Denim Jeans Stitching
Denim Jeans getting stitched

6. Finishing

There are many types of denim finishing:

  • Scraping is the process of making clothes look worn and old by rubbing the surface of the fabric, causing abrasion.
  • Aged is a type of wet treatment that gives denim fabric an industrial look through prolonged wear.
  • Bleach is a chemical process used to make denim fade. Liquid bleach is an aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite, and the dry powder is calcium hypochlorite.
  • De sizing is a washing process that is used to soften denim. During this process, the amylase enzyme removes starch from the fabric to give softness to denim.
  • Atari is a Japanese term that describes the selective fading of wrinkle edges. The most common areas for Atari are the seams, on the front and back of the knees along the hem, the top of the thigh, and on belt loops.
  • Grinding creates the appearance of age. It is applied to hems, seams, belt loops, pockets, and waist belts.
Peltic Stone Washing
Stone Washing of Denim Clothing
  • Pumice stones are volcanic stones used for stone washing garments. They are popular because of their strength and light weight. They are used to soften denim during the laundry process. The stone washing process has many problems, such as damage to washing machines and clothes, increased labor to remove dust from finished garments, water pollution, and back staining.
  • The acid color of indigo jeans gives sharp contrasts. This process is done by soaking the pumice stones in chlorine and letting the pumice stones create contrast.
  • Overdyeing is a process that can take many forms, as the blue thread can be black in color, otherwise known as blue change black


At Raven Black we provide all types of Premium Denim products like denim shorts, denim shirts, denim pants, denim jackets, denim hoodies and raw denim fabric. We deal in bulk orders for premium and local stores and with major brands. We can manufacture your product as per your requirements from custom sizes and colors to all design types.

Just get in touch with our team to discuss your project.

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