Best gaming TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Our selection of the best gaming TVs for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles

There are many gaming TVs and lots of great models at great prices. Whether you are looking for the best 4K TV for PS5 , the best 4K TV for Xbox Series X / S or a premium 1080p screen for your Nintendo Switch , we have something in this guide to suit you.

Now it is possible that you do not need a TV specifically calibrated for gaming. Maybe you’re just playing the Nintendo Switch portable, or maybe you’re currently looking forward to the upcoming Steam Deck handheld console. Or maybe you gamer not at all. In any case, the best gaming TVs are still worth a look if you are generally looking for a new model.

Why so?

As is the case with the best gaming PCs , the best gaming TVs you can buy usually cover all fronts when it comes to the end-user experience. They are definitely good for gaming, but keep in mind in most cases that you get features like 4K and HDR (high dynamic range), which serve to present a higher quality image and wider color gamut. This makes it an absolute joy to watch your go-to movies and TV series and it could add new life to some old favorites.

We are in the middle of a new wave of TV technologies, with HDMI 2.1 serving as the gold standard for accurate 4K / 120 Hz gameplay display, as well as reliable variable refresh rate and input layer reduction. As such, there has never been a better time to look at buying one of the best gaming TVs.

There’s no need to miss this, even if you stick to older consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One or the 1080p-maximized Nintendo Switch. The best gaming TVs you will find here still offer crystal clear picture quality and low input layers, which can definitely enhance your experience of more colorful titles like Super Mario Odyssey or Fortnite.

And if 60 Hz is not enough for your gaming needs, consider watching a TV that supports higher frame rates. If so, you should check out our best 120 Hz 4K TV buying guide to suit your needs.

Some gaming TVs may also be better suited for one console than the other . For example, the PS5’s 3D Audio does not support Dolby Atmos audio, whereas the Xbox Series X / S does. These custom formats may not be a problem for everyone, but there are important hardware differences to keep in mind.

We have a lot of experience when it comes to reviewing the best gaming TVs on the market – and while getting your hands on a PS5 is still a frustratingly difficult task, those of you who are lucky enough to own Sony need hard-to-reach console – or an Xbox Series X / S or Nintendo Switch – do not look long for the gaming TVs we have mentioned below.

Best TV for PS5: Sony X90J 4K TV


The Sony X90J 4K TV makes sure that the company behind the PS5 finally gets control of their TV. While last year’s Sony TV series had inconsistent support for HDMI 2.1, this year’s TV hits right in line with the input standard, with two HDMI 2.1 ports for connecting next-generation gaming consoles(Play Squid Games online free).

There are also two other HDMI 2.0 ports for less specified consoles like the Nintendo Switch – and while some gaming TVs below have four ports with a 2.1 specification, we reckon most will do fine with what the X90J offers.

Best TV for Xbox Series X: LG C1 OLED Series


If you want the best gaming TV with a superb OLED screen, then the LG C1 is your best choice.

With a 4K OLED screen, you can expect truly breathtaking black levels and an ‘infinite’ contrast ratio (the range between the darkest and brightest parts of the screen) to a level that the gaming TV above can only dream of.

Best TV for PS4 / Xbox One: Samsung Q80T QLED TV

There are more expensive new Samsung TVs out there, but none are created for gaming like the Samsung Q80T. Although we would like to recommend advanced models like the Q95T or (now we are moving into 8K territory) the Q950TS , it is the Q80T that really hits the spot in the price-performance ratio. (It is no coincidence that you will also find it in our guide to the best 65-inch TVs ).

It is the cheapest Samsung QLED with full backlight. Despite the name, it’s the successor to last year’s Q70R that previously topped this guide – but this TV beats the Q70R’s 14 ms input delay with an unusually low 8.7 ms. This means that you get as little delay as possible between smashing your PS5 controller and seeing the action on the screen. This is achieve by turning off Game Motion Plus, but even without it you get 19.7 ms.

Best Cheap Gaming TV: Samsung TU8000 Series

If your living room – and your budget – can not handle a 65-inch TV , look at the truly spectacular TU8000 series. You get an incredibly low input delay (only 9.7 ms) as well as a motion handling technology that keeps the action constantly smooth. And what else could you ask for?

You do not get all the game technologies that you get with some of the other TVs on this list, such as HDMI 2.1, VRR (variable refresh rate) or a 120 Hz screen – but for the average gamer(Play Free Squid games online), this is a TV that does the basics a lot well.

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