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Suppose you are planning to buy a new house. In that case, it is vital to call experts for a home inspection. To identify the problems and determine when and where maintenance is required. That is why it has become crucial to search for the ‘Best home inspector near me.’

Purchasing your dream house is not an easy task as it involves a very hefty amount of investment. And for valuable assets depends on whether you are making the right decision or not. It is essential to look for the “Best Home inspector near me. Before purchasing a new house, it is crucial to get the home inspection done to make a clear picture to compare whether it is what you were looking for. And If you’re trying to sell your home, it’s essential to know how the foundation is so you can price it appropriately.

Foundation Inspection: Everything You Need to Know

Not only is a house inspection necessary, but so is a foundation examination. So, let’s learn what it is, the requirement, and know the Sign that you require a foundation examination.

What is foundation inspection?

Foundation inspections are crucial to determining if there are any cracks, damaged walls, floors, or any other evidence of trouble. Generally, foundation problems can lead to instability or the sinking of a home.

A foundation inspection determines whether or not your home’s underlying structure is stable. Licensed engineers address these questions:

  • Is the foundation working as it should?
  • Does the foundation meet construction codes?
  • Are foundation repairs or replacements required?

In simple terms, when a foundation inspection is performed, we identify whether or not your home’s foundation needs repair and the plan of action and cost of repairing it.

How Frequently Should I Inspect My Foundation?

We recommend checking your foundation regularly, at least twice a year, if not more often. Extreme weather conditions and temperature changes can cause the soil around your foundation to become saturated with water.

During drought conditions, the soil can become extremely dehydrated, thus shrinking. As a result of expansion and contraction due to weather conditions and groundwater levels in the area, shifting grounds can also occur, mainly where clay is at a high concentration.

Why do you need a foundation inspection?

  • When a home’s foundation is weak, walls begin to sag, floors begin to disintegrate, and a roof starts to collapse, your house can fall apart.
  • Detecting any cracks or damage as soon as possible is essential because further damage can end up costlier and more extensive. Foundation inspections can identify minor problems before they turn into more significant issues.
  • If your foundation is damaged, your home’s structural integrity is compromised, and your family’s safety is compromised. With foundation inspections, you can determine your foundation’s condition and plan to fix any issues.
  • Be sure to inspect your home’s foundation if you’re planning on buying it. It could save you from making the wrong purchase.

Your house’s structural integrity depends heavily on the quality of the foundation. When your home is built directly onto the ground that rests on your foundation, your house is protected from decay and deterioration.


Here are some frequent indicators that your foundation is in significant need of inspection. Contact a foundation inspection service immediately if you see any of these indicators.

·        Uneven Base slab floors

In most cases, the problem might appear as a noticeable difference between the floor and the foundation wall or as an incline on one side of a space. Soil settlement is the most common cause of the culprit. However, the problem might also be traced back to the foundation’s initial pouring.

·        Concrete Cracked Walls

A concrete wall can crack in three ways: vertically, horizontally, or stair step-style, just like its name suggests. Although vertical cracks are the least alarming, all are good reasons to have a foundation inspection immediately. These cracks may be a result of shrinking concrete, or they may indicate more profound issues.

·        If the floors are sagging or flexing

Although vertical cracks are the least alarming, all are good reasons to have a foundation inspection immediately. These cracks may be a result of shrinking concrete, or they may indicate more profound issues.

·        The Floors feel like Hopping

The floor should feel firm under your feet as you walk on it. If you experience the sensation of walking across a springboard, this is a warning that you may have an issue with your foundation structure. It might be rotten beams or a faulty foundation. It’s time for a residential foundation check.

Suppose you are also searching for the Best home inspector near me or a foundation inspection. Don’t worry RSH Engineering is here for your help. We have a team of professional which will guide you in making the best investment of your life. And provide you with excellent service which will benefit you to make the perfect decision.

We at RSH Engineering can make your foundation problems disappear with our advanced Pro-Lift Technology. For outstanding customer service and professional foundation repair, contact RSH Engineering in Texas today.

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