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Best Web Development Company in Bangladesh

Best Web Development Company in Bangladesh

A perfect website is the media of going upstairs. It is a place that makes visitors real customers, and that is a website’s goal. A business owner plans the project and takes it to the best media to suggest the best and make it visible to the customers. Who is it? Well, a web development company. Wrong web design can ruin the website and cause you a loss in your project with loss of time and money. Only a renowned web development company can make sure to provide the best quality service and ensure to make a design that brings visitors and makes the customer.

Types of Web Development

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Many types of web development are developed by a company and they have various uses for a targeted goal of business owners. Such as:

  • Cross-platform web development
  • Hybrid web development
  • Native web development
  • E-commerce web development
  • Industry-Specific web development
  • Custom Business web development

Web Development Companies

Web App, Web App Development, Web App Development Company In Bangladesh,

In Bangladesh, many web development companies provide services to the popular sectors of a startup business. Every business has some goal with planning and needs a media to fulfill it. A list of the best companies in Bangladesh is given below that may help you to waste your time and energy in looking for the best for your goal and development. You may look out for the list and find the one to handle your web development project.


REXO IT is a development company that provides web design, development, e-commerce, social web development services. They have a team of professional developers who have experience in this sector and update technologies. They provide the best quality with a design that will call the potential customer to become the real one. This company has much feedback that makes it trustworthy and helpful to get an idea about their providing services. It has many years of experience that makes its place strong. Its headquarter is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rexo IT makes sure of customer satisfaction as client projects are their priority.


Technobd gives services of web design, web development, web hosting, etc. It was founded in 2007 and with 15 years of experience it builds a  strong place in the Web development industry. They provided services to some big companies in Bangladesh like somoy tv, Brac bank, etc. and some are counting. It makes sure to provide the best quality with the management planning with the best team. They understand the client’s needs and provide service which makes them trust the source to the customer. It also has feedback that ensures the client its service type.

Orbit Informatics:

It is a UK-based company but its operation is located in Bangladesh. Their design and responsive development of the web made them one of the best companies in web development. They provide services worldwide with a supportive team. Clients are attracted to them for their promising updates and step in the new direction of the web development industry. They have a skilled team of developers who look forward to the client’s needs and fulfill them. Their best service is web development, web design, social and digital media marketing. They provide services and solutions to the startup business which helps them to look in the direction of success.


IOVISION is one of the most innovative web development companies. Custom web design is its main sector which makes it more creative than other companies. It has worked with many renowned brands of Bangladesh like Ispahani, Cats eye, Bangla cat, etc. They follow a methodological process in development. Its design and web development are quite responsive that making it trustable to the client. Its best development gives a good user experience that makes clients repeat customers. This company provides a unique UI/UX design that will attract potential customers to the website and make them customers.

Zaman IT:

It is a commonly renowned web development of Bangladesh. It has a quite good reputation for development. Zaman IT was founded in 2008 and with many years of experience they give the best service to the client. They have clients in law, hospitals, education, newspaper, various businesses like every sector of Bangladesh which makes it more reachable and responsive to the clients. This company has the flexibility to handle the customer smoothly.


Roopokar is a popular company with a good reputation for web development. It works with Pran, Shezan, North South University, East-West University, Bosundhara, and many more sectors. They have mustard in different multimedia that make more unique websites. The provides qualities of web development along with marketing strategies to get the goal of the client. Roopokar is one of the best companies that customers can trust blindly. It has a 100+ developer team who understand clients’ requirements and suggest the best and work for the best.

OVO Technology:

It is an IT firm that provides web development and is a promising name in the web development industry. They provide customized web apps or ready-made ones depending on the customer’s choice. Pharmacy billing systems, restaurant billing, dealer and team management, etc are the best-provided web apps of this company. Prothom Alo which is one the best newspapers in Bangladesh takes services to them. It provides the best service with updated technologies which helps to be a step forward than others in the business.


Biggestech is a development company that started in 2017. This Company helps startup small businesses by budgeting needy projects. It has a skilled team that works hard to give its best service to make the business successful. It gives support and solutions with the development that makes it more special. They have forward-thinking that helps them grow shiner and make others grow smoothly. They have 9 skilled developers to look forward to the projects of the clients and make sure to connect with them.

It is one of the best web development companies in Bangladesh. It provides the best deal at a reasonable price which is a package of the whole. But they also provide custom web development services. It fulfills the requirement and also gives an understandable package that is needed for the business of a website. They make sure to give their best which is shown by the customer’s feedback.

Services Provided by Web Development Companies:

Though the different company provides different services commonly that the services web developer provides for web development is given below:

  • High-quality unique web design
  • Consulting
  • Strategy
  • Expert WordPress development
  • Professional content creator
  • Website management service
  • SEO result search


A website is the. There are many websites in Bangladesh but the above-listed company is found best among the other companies. Though every company has its strategy of business this company has proven itself to the web development industry. Different companies provide services differently with different ranges based on features and other factors. As a website is an important step to success in the business it is important to choose the best company for web development by considering all the aspects like customer feedback, years of experience, provided services, etc. of the company. So check out the companies and choose which is the best.

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