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In a world in which individuals are defined by A.D.D. like behaviors (figuratively speaking) numerous people are able to come up with fresh ideas and are eager to start and not succeed (with some exceptions) or give up due to the fact that they didn’t have a strategy to follow. There is no substitute for well-planned planning and analysis.

In constant search of innovative ideas and then making them into action are truly amazing, however it is important to think about the basics before acting is required to ensure maximum efficiency. You can complete a marathon without spending the time to wear sneakers and put on sneakers, but the majority of people be able to agree that the few minutes it takes to put on sneakers is definitely worth it.

Online Presence for Your Business

The creation of a successful website is essential to achieving your goals for your business, whether you’re looking to establish brand awareness or discover leads in real estate, buyers or partners. However, before you start the process of creating a site, think about the goals you want it to achieve and the people you’d like to draw to it.

This article is not going to provide you with a summary description of how to construct an efficient website (I will assist you in doing this over the course of several articles). This article is designed to aid you in thinking about some important upfront questions to be asking before you begin building any kind of website.

If you decide that you require web-based sites, there’s an explanation. You shouldn’t create a site to build an online presence (well, you could), but …). The motivation may be that you need the website to locate partners, remove marketing leads for your wholesale business, or even to advertise your Real Estate Company.

The reason you require the website or, more precisely, the reason why your site should exist is the crucial, essential element that decides on the way your website will be designed, the contents it has and what outcomes it generates.

The crucial beginning point is to establish the primary goal(s) for your website. It can be described as defining the primary purpose of your website or the reason it is there and why people should pay attention.

Questions to answer in the beginning:


  • What is the primary purpose for your site’s website (what is it you’re trying to achieve with your website and why it exists, and what is the primary goal you’d like it to serve)?
  • What are the particular conversion steps (conversions) which you wish your site visitors to take upon visiting your website? Do you wish to see them be qualified investors are you trying to find deals off the market, do you want to create a qualified buyer list? Do you wish customers to sign up for your seminars or to attend your real estate event?
  • How do you want your brand’s image in the eyes of others? Do you want to be seen by others as an authority in your field as well as innovative and cutting-edge as well as a top performer, highly trustworthy etc.? This will affect the way your website is built and the type of content that the website contains.

Once you know the reason your site exists and have a clear idea of what you would like it to achieve, you must identify the ideal audience for your website and what you would like them to do after they’ve landed on your site.

A few questions to be answered to help you define your audience:

  • Who is your target customers? Do you have multiple target audiences? Determine and identify your intended audience(s). This will aid in determining how users will experience your site and the layout of your website.
  • What are your customers searching for? Find out why they choose to visit your website? That is, what information (ie. information, articles) are truly useful to the users? If your site provides useful content is what will determine if the visitor visits your site at all, and whether they will leave fast or remain. A website that provides value to visitors is the most effective method to keep them on your website, and keep visitors coming back, and also help you gain their trust as potential customers.

In short Before you begin creating a Real Estate website that’s not serving the purpose it was designed for, be sure to take a moment to design it. When you understand what your objectives for the website are as well as who will visit the website, and what people are interested in it will help you create an effective site.

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