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Opening a new business can be difficult if you do not know the procedures. The legislation, and the institutional framework in the field. But an experienced consultant can help you in the startup period of the company. So that you do not have a syncopation in the activity and use your time for obtaining profit, not for bureaucratic activities.

Our consultants:

  • Check the eligibility of the company
  • I design the business plan/project together with you
  • develop the business plan according to your and the financier’s requirements
  • helps you implement your business plan
  • ensures that you get all the money from the financing agreement. We help you with payment requests, acquisition files and relations with state institutions. You will also benefit from consulting during the monitoring period of the project.

Writing business plans

The business plan we build will be a collective effort – consultant with entrepreneur- assuming that both will be involved in conception and writing. The reason: if you received a template business plan, ready written, it would not reflect your business idea, and it would be very difficult for you to implement it.

In this team of experienced business plan consultant and young entrepreneurs, the business plan will be the reflection of your idea; you will know details about the legislation applicable to your business, taxation, institutional framework, the market you activate, competitors, minimum viable product, management functions, processes, activity flow and much other necessary information at the beginning of the journey.

Following the discussions, we will arrive at the final version of the plan, which you can use successfully in running your business, and you will be able to participate in the competitions launched by the financiers.

In the end, you will receive:

  • The business plan, in the form of a written document made by the agreed structure, in printed format
  • The business plan on electronic support, in PDF or Word format.

Business plan submission

We take care to submit the business plan to the online platform and check and upload the business plan and annexes to the platform at the deadline requested by the financier. In addition, for business plans physically submitted to the financier, we assist the beneficiary in completing the file according to the financier’s requests.

Business plan implementation

Our consultant will become a partner and friend during the implementation of the business plan, with whom you can consult on legal, taxation, human resources, project implementation procedures, obtaining authorizations, marketing, and management.

Thus, at the beginning of the business, you will not have to discover all the details of building a stable and successful company by yourself.

Moreover, suppose your plan goes into financing. In that case, we will support you in preparing procurement files, payment request/reimbursement request files, and responses to requests for clarifications, according to the applicant’s guide and the methodology imposed by the financier.

Our services:


Business model definition assistance

Development of a business plan

Mentoring startup

Entrepreneurial assistance in the first 6 months of activity

Business plan implementation assistant 1 year

First step:

Setting up a meeting – kick-off meeting to get to know us. And discover your expectations, needs, goals, and how we can help you.

This meeting can also take place via skype or another online communication to reduce travel time.

After this meeting, if you decide that you can proceed on your own, you are under no contractual obligation.

Your investment:

The financial offer will be established according to your business type. The number of hours allocated and other mutually agreed indicators.

Success fee if the business plan is selected for financing: according to the applicant’s guide issued by the financier. This commission will be included in the business plan submitted to the competition. If the business plan is selected, it will be able to be paid from the amount received as non-refundable financing (provided that the financier considers him eligible). No need to pay in advance!

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Quick info:

  • Affordable rates
  • Minimal effort on the part of the contractor
  • Personalized business plan
  • Assistance in competition participation, business plans and obtaining financing
  • Start-up assistance 6 months
  • Project implementation assistance 1 year
  • Mentoring and coaching

Contact us here

If you have decided to open a business and/or are interested in obtaining non-refundable startup funding by participating in a Business Plan Consultant competition. Do feel free to contact us!

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