Can a Kotlin app development company build a desktop app?

Desktop applications have never lost their popularity in the market even after the web boom, especially mobile applications. Kotlin is mainly used for android and iOS app development for mobile devices and other software. We will discuss the usability of Kotlin for desktop applications. As JetBrains created the Kotlin as a server-side general-purpose language and an option of Java.

Kotlin app development company interoperability and the ease of learning with a better view towards its usage in developing other innovative technologies. Go for significant development advancements by opting for mobile, Desktop, or web apps per audience requirement.

JetBrains, the Kotlin programming language maker, has sent off an open-source UI structure for Android applications. The system empowers Android application engineers to construct UIs for Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. In addition, JetBrains has been dealing with the Jetpack Compose for Desktop, the UI system, to make Kotlin considerably more alluring for application designers. You can choose the freelance, development company or a dedicated mobile app developer to win the market competition. Get to top development strategies for th best of brand image.

Kotlin is turning into an incredibly famous stage, whether local Android application improvement or cross-stage applications. Some industry specialists put it as a rising star among engineers. Being a Google-embraced coding language, Kotlin has demonstrated its unwavering quality throughout recent years. With the expansion of Jetpack Compose, the stage will probably turn out to be much broader among application engineers.

What is Jetpack Compose for Desktop?

Jetpack Compose is an advanced system for building local UI for Android applications. The structure rearranges and accelerates UI improvement for Android. As a result, you can rapidly make a UI with less code and utilize natural Kotlin APIs.

Jetpack offers a variety of practical benefits for Android designers. It’s a mechanical structure, and you should Hire Kotlin app developer to construct the UI. Depict your UI, and the system will deal with the rest. With Jetpack Compose, you additionally needless and stay away from potential bugs related to coding. Additionally, the UI structure speeds up your application improvement process. You can efficiently utilize existing code and emphasize quicker using live reviews. Finally, Jetpack Compose gives full Android Studio support.

Form for Desktop gives you direct admittance to the Android APIs. It additionally includes working to help with Material Design, Dark topics, activities, and numerous other plan components. Also, you don’t need to stress over designs. Jetpack allows you effortlessly to set up the improvement climate per your undertaking’s prerequisites. Moreover, the system offers organized code labs and recordings pathways for fast learning for Android application designers.

Google initially reported the arrival of Jetpack Compose at its 2018 I/O meeting. However, the tech behemoth delivered Jetpack’s alpha rendition in August 2020. Jetpack is supposed to be utilized by 80% of the leading 1,000 Android applications.

How Compose Affects Kotlin Developers?

With Kotlin support, Jetpack Compose intends to extend its compass past Android. The structure will presently uphold all significant work area working frameworks, specifically Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. In addition, since Kotlin is interoperable with Java, Android designers can consistently construct application UIs to run on work areas.

The Android-to-work area transformation program declared by JetBrains is still in the beginning phases. Be that as it may, once wholly blown, it vows to help Android application engineers to use Oracle’s Swing toolbox for Java. Utilizing Swing, you can blend parts and standard components and relocate a current application to Jetpack Compose.

Jetpack Compose has additionally presented early help for Apple’s M1 chip. It works with applications based on Compose to run on the new Apple equipment with local-like speed. Extra abilities delivered by the structure incorporate help for Gradle rendition 6.6 and 6.7 and better interoperability with JavaFX.

An Evolving Development Environment

JetBrains has packaged the Compose structure with form 2020.3 of its IntelliJ IDEA. It’s the most recent adaptation of the incorporated advancement climate. Whether you work with a Kotlin Android improvement organization or as an independent application designer, this structure will probably help your effectiveness.

JetBrains has made it simpler to assemble Compose work area applications with this most recent delivery. The structure is worked inside the Kotlin app development company wizard. You can begin fostering your Kotlin application without composing the Gradle arrangement. Make for Desktop additionally offers help for Android’s XML-based vector pictures. It empowers you to deliver photographs straightforwardly on your work area application.


If you are not an engineer yourself, these updates bear importance regarding your application’s capacities. Ensure that you employ Android application engineers who fully comprehend these augmentations’ bare essentials. As referenced before, this Android-to-work area project is still in the beginning phases and will probably advance fundamentally throughout the next few years.

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