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Can You Use a Mini PC for Streaming?

Using a mini PC to stream content can be a great idea. Dedicated streaming systems can be built with high-performance components to stream 4K content. This will free up desktop resources and allow you to maximize your graphical settings for a smooth stream. In addition to being powerful, dedicated streaming systems allow you to maximize your graphical settings without sacrificing performance. You can choose the configuration and storage options that work best for your needs.

Storage options

When choosing a mini PC, it’s important to consider the amount of storage that you need. You’ll also want to choose one that has enough memory for the amount of videos you plan to stream. While the smallest models can only have so much storage, larger models will have larger amounts. Depending on how much content you plan to stream, you might want to upgrade the internal storage in order to get more.

Configuration options

Depending on the configuration options you choose, mini PCs can range in size from sticks to boxed PCs. While they are not as compact as stick PCs, they are still convenient for traveling. Some models allow you to add memory and storage, or even add an external GPU for enhanced performance. Consider what other components you need to stream to your mini PC as well. These include ethernet, keyboard, and mouse ports.

Mini PCs are great for streaming because they don’t require a traditional mid-tower PC setup. You don’t have to worry about lagging or buffering, and the mini size is perfect for streaming. There’s no need for a traditional mid-tower setup to stream, and you won’t need a lot of space for an external monitor. If you’re a big streamer, you’ll be happy to know that mini PCs are great options for streaming.

Streaming mini PCs are great for streaming because they offer high-end gaming capabilities, and have good form factors. Even 4K content can be streamed without sacrificing performance. In addition to high-end gaming systems, recent mini PCs have good technical specifications. Even hardcore tasks can be performed on them, so the processors and GPUs you choose should meet the demands of your streaming project.


The Intel NUC Bean Canyon is a compact computer that comes with a powerful processor (Intel i7-8559U). It comes with no operating system, RAM, or hard drive. At only 480 dollars, it’s a great value and is designed for basic home PC use. However, it falls short when it comes to streaming and gaming. There are other mini PCs with better hardware, including the Apple Mac Mini, but these aren’t as powerful as high-end PCs.

Streaming to a Roku or Apple TV

Using a mini PC to stream video from your desktop computer to a Roku or Apple TV is relatively simple. You will need a HDMI cable, a compatible Roku, and an ethernet cable. Once you’ve figured out how to hook up your mini PC, you’ll need to install some software. If you’re new to mini PCs, you should read our article on Roku before trying it out.

The first thing you should do is install the Roku or Apple TV application on your mini PC. You can also install Kodi. You should also install the Windows 10 app on your PC, as it will enable you to subscribe to premium channels and buy or rent movies and TV shows. Regardless of which method you choose, make sure to use the x64 architecture and a Windows 10 version 18362.0 or later. You can mirror the content from an Apple device using AirPlay, but you must be connected to wi-fi.

Having a mini PC will allow you to install the latest software without having to restart your TV. The Roku will also automatically update its software for you, but if you don’t receive an update, you’ll have to manually install it. You can also subscribe to the Tips & Tricks newsletter, which offers expert advice on the Roku platform. It may contain affiliate links, advertising, and other information. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before signing up for the newsletter.

Once you’ve installed the necessary software, you’re ready to cast media to your Roku. All you need to do is open the apps and choose the target device. If you’re using the Roku, you’ll need a Roku to mirror the content. You should see a list of Rokus on the Roku screen. Select one of them and press “Start Mirroring” or click the option to manually open the Roku channel.

If you’re looking for a more affordable streaming option, the Roku Express 4K is an excellent option. It supports 4K HDR video and is capable of supporting Dolby Vision and HDR10+. It can also draw power from a USB port. The Express 4K+ is the most affordable streaming option that supports 4K HDR. And it can be added to any number of home entertainment systems.

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