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If you’re looking for the Best Car Gadgets blog posts that cover the latest automotive news, then you’re in the right place. Here you will find the best 55 auto blogs online. There are a variety of car blogs out there, but some of them need essential information that an auto enthusiast might find helpful. So we’ve decided to help you and present you with the best of the best in auto blog content. These car blogs can give you tips, tricks, techniques, and updates about anything automotive.

If you’re a fan of autosuckers or want to learn more about the blogosphere, Autoblog is a great place to start. As a top-tier car-related website, Autoblog provides automotive news and car reviews for those wanting to shop for vehicles online. What is unique about Autoblog is that it allows for different opinions about cars, traveling, traffic, etc. For example, the article “Motorcycles should be allowed to split lanes” discusses the idea that motorcycles should be allowed to be in the left lane of a road. People in the article think this would make the streets more efficient and safer.

We offer press releases, images, videos, and stories about current and upcoming automobiles and the auto industry. Buyers can find new and used cars with expert reviews and a buying assistant to help them decide. After researching, this blog is an excellent resource for purchasing a new vehicle. In addition, you can compare all of the cars on Motor1 by learning their strengths and weaknesses.


Are you looking for honest opinions on the automotive industry? This is the website to check out. We’re all about bringing you the latest news and insights on cars, racing, and automotive news. We don’t sugarcoat things, so you can be sure you’re getting the most up-to-date information. Just like Motor1, Jalopnik is a website where you can compare almost any car available on the market. This includes coupes, SUVs, crossovers, and even the most exotic ones, like convertibles to sports cars. So check out what Jalopnik writes about the next vehicle you buy!

Automotive News

Automotive News is for anyone interested in the automotive industry. It provides updates on the latest automobile manufacturing and sales through articles, video features, and daily podcasts. This website is considered one of the most comprehensive car sites. It offers information on all aspects of cars, from buying a car to finding the perfect one. So what automakers are releasing about their sales, car production, and dealerships? I love reading your blog!

Car Coach Reports

Car Coach Reports provides information on car care, education, and industry news. The blog’s award-winning author, Lauren Fix, has three books on her resume before becoming an automotive expert. Look for excellent car care articles and reviews on her blog. Do you want to learn more about cars and industry news quickly? Check out the breaking news in brief videos to quickly get up-to-date on the latest news. There are many videos for you to choose from, and car lovers like you prefer all of them.

National Motorists Association

The National Motorists Association website is an excellent resource for information about motorist rights. The National Motorists Association was formed in 1978 to empower drivers through legal action.


We cover all things related to cars here at Carscoops. News, reviews, and anything else that might be of interest. Founded and created by John Halas, the site offers a variety of topics not typically found on auto sites, such as future and concept cars and offbeat vehicles.

 Green Car Congress

This blog discusses clean technology developments for the automotive industry. In addition, the website evaluates legislation, innovation, and impact concerning reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

Just A Car Guy

Jesse Bowers is this blog’s author, aptly called Just A Car Gadgets for Guys. The book is full of Auto-Fun stories about his love for cars. In addition, the website has a bunch of topics like finding hidden Easter eggs on Jeeps, sharing vintage photos and car ads from the 1930s, and more.


More than just an auto blog, Petrolicious is a lifestyle brand. We are a blogosphere leader with passionate opinions on classic cars. In addition, we provide well-made and exciting short films that put classic cars into perspective.


Silodrome is one of the most popular online publications for readers. James McBride has been a leader in the gasoline culture since he started the site in 2010. Silodrome is a blog that specializes in automotive-related topics.

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